I'm STILL confused...Apple Garde or SM or...?

  1. I know there have been countless threads about this already....but I'm still confused due to information overload. :blink: Apologies in advance.

    New LV Vachetta....what product is the best to use? I want to condition before I protect, I know that much. But which weather proofer should I use?

    Or should I use Wilson's or Collonil? :wacko: :wondering :wacko: :wondering

    Slinking back to my corner now. :hrmm:
  2. don't feel bad I'm kinda confused myself and haven't done anything to my LVs or leather/suede bags at all because of it! looking forward to responses.
  3. I only have experience with Apple Gard and Wilson's and I prefer Wilson's. It dries so fast and does not leave a mark. I use it on all my bags - including the vachetta, inside and outside fabrics. I have never had a problem with Wilson's.:smile:
  4. I've used wilson spray and s/m and out of both the s/m dries a lot faster.
    I'm not sure if they work the same since i dont use my bags in bad weather. But I did use the s/m on my denim bag to water proof it.

    I think its personal preference.
  5. Both work well. On my about me page I have instructions and pictures on how to use Apple products (the link is in my signature).
  6. Nothing!!!!
  7. I don't recommend Apple Garde. In my experience, it doesn't give an even patina and also darkens the leather. SM is much better, IMO.
  8. I use nothing!
  9. I've used SM but haven't "tested" it by wearing my bag in the rain yet.
  10. I use SM. It worked on my bag. Today it sprinkled and I had no shoice but to carry my bag out. No water spots.
  11. I've used Collonil on my Mulberry bags as per Mulberry's recommendation. They came out great. No problems. I just bought Apple Gard conditioner and spray today at Burlington Coat Factory. I was going to use it on my new summer bags - white and pale rose Bbags and a Gucci bag that is trimmed in off-white leather. Now you guys have me a little nervous about using it. What to do ....
  12. Did you condition the bags first? Would you if it were a brand new bag?
  13. I don't use anything. I've had my Recital since Feb. and it is just starting to get a little patina. I'm too scared to spray it with anything. :amuse:
  14. I don't condition brand new bags. I just use the Wilson's spray on new bags. If I buy a used bag, I clean the leather with LeatherCPR (if needed) then use the Wilson's spray. HTH
  15. I've used SM only so far and like it. I have apple care but didn't buy the spray. It's a personal preference. My next LV piece will probably have nothing on it.