I'm still alive... updates and advice?

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  1. Hey all! I know I've been scarce the past 2-3 weeks. Getting sick really bogged me down; once I got better, I had so much work I'd neglected, plus family issues, and we've been looking for a house to buy... But I'm still alive! Thanks for the PMs from people wondering where I am :smile: I'm still here! I've even been so busy, I completely forgot to send out Mree's scarf book she won in the raffle. I feel so guilty about that, I'm such a horrible person and I hope she forgives me :cry: I'm sending it out tomorrow! As soon as she PMs me her address again. I'm such a bad person :shame: :hysteric:

    I've finally completely shaken the bug and that's the good news!

    I've also found out that at the end of February I'm going with my parents to fly down and visit my last living grandmother. This is where advice from you ladies comes in.

    This woman is 83 and flawless. She's the one who pushed me through the whole cotillion/debutante thing, the one who made me learn perect table manners and how to walk down stairs with a champagne glass and a book on my head, by age eight. She's always made me feel like I'm not good enough compared to her six grandsons (I'm the only granddaughter). I always have to be at my best, full makeup, dressy clothes, 100% flawless, when I'm around her. I haven't seen her in four years (since the death of my grandfather who I loved dearly). She's always made my dad feel 'not good enough' too so relationships with her are strained at best. I'm always very nervous, uncomfortable and quiet around her. She was a classic "southern belle" and did her best to work her way up in society.... social climbing sounds really tacky but I don't know how else to put it, but she's not from money or anything yet she puts on unbelievable elitist airs that cause fights between her and my father whenever they're around each other. She found out my mom was a cocktail waitress while she was in dental school (hey, who didn't work as a waitress in college?) and refused to acknowledge that she was a dental hygeinist; instead, she told everyone in the family that my mom was "that barmaid." Fun, huh?

    I'm trying to decide what to take with me as far as H goes. I've heard horror stories about airlines and Hermes, but I wanted to carry my Herbag (or maybe the Birkin if I get it by then?) and wear an H scarf, and wear my H accessories while I'm there. It's either that, or play it safe with my indestructible Speedy. What do you ladies think? Any advice onwhat to wear/what to do if she starts in on me? For her, material possessions=success; it's a screwed up way of thinking but I've always desperately sought her approval.

    Advice much appreciated.

    I've missed you all :heart:
  2. Glad to hear your feeling better, sorry to hear about all the drama!

    As for your visit with your grandmother.... all I can tell you is be strong and know that you are good woman with a good heart. That's all that matters. Good luck.
  3. Dress to please yourself and embrace who you are. If someone is determined not to be pleased, they won't be, no matter what you do. Just go as yourself and be comfortable in your own skin (and any H you want to adorn it with).

    So glad you're feeling better!
  4. Hey Rbb0! Glad to hear you are better! I have no H advise, but just wear what makes you and happy and enjoy yourself!
  5. RBB, I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you have recovered and are back; sorry for the family woes (who doesn't have those?)
    Dress conservatively and comfortably. Be your lovely self. And a little H won't hurt...!
  6. Take you herbag and bring the sleeper for the x ray.
    You can always wash your sleeper but I don't recommend putting it in the dryer.
    Glad you are feeling better!
  7. Your grandmother sounds an awful lot like mine. :push:
    I'd say carry whatever makes you feel comfortable!
  8. glad you are feeling better... welcome back...
  9. Glad your feeling better!
    Take your scarf at least! You´ll look sharp and she will appreciate you more (although she sounds like a total...)
  10. I agree with Elizabeth's advice, bring something to protect Miss Herbag no matter what...and you have some lovely scarves to choose from, pick one that will best offset whatever outfit you choose.

    And just try to make it through your time there with poise, and then come home and IM me to vent :biggrin:
  11. oh no, no offense but your granny sounds horrid. you're already a success and know that. just bring whatever makes you happy, ok? have a safe trip and give us an update when you return.
  12. I wouldn't overdo the H theme. A scarf should be enough and perhaps the bag although I doubt that she will even recognize it as what it is. If you're trying too hard it's not good either. Go as who you are, not as who you think you have to be.
  13. Glad to know you've recovered! :flowers:
    An H scarf would be nice - especially with your lovely horn scarf ring!
    Would you prefer a hardier bag to bring on the trip?
    Be comfortable, be yourself. Then you'll be happy and confident!
  14. Remember she is your Grandmother, born in a different era, where life was so much tougher , so I would say bite your lip, just ignore any comments that may upset, she won't be around forever and I think this is positive time with her, ( make it that way) pinch of salt and all that.

    But go for the Hermes, I have had no problem at all on the plane with my stuff,

    Enjoy , live for the moment , and remember things where different then there was such a thing as respect

    Have a great time and so glad your feeling better
  15. make sure you wear lipstick . . . .powder your nose . . . .
    Glad to hear you're feeling better . . .