I'm starting to wonder if shopping...

I've read that the reasons for the break up were: Jess being so into herself, getting the Dukes role and getting the hot body so was too good for him. Her obsessive over the top shopping and spending and her very medling and controlling father. There were always 3 people in the marriage. For Nick's part he got a little of a roaming eye, went to a bachlor party where there was a stripper. I love Jess, but I think that Nick was the victim this time.
LV_addict said:
OMG! I am with you on that 100%!!!!!
ME, too!! Thank god nobody knows her over here so I don't have to see her in the magazins.
I watched Newly Weds once and I actually thought that she was a comedian because no one can be that dumb:lol:
I really think being a celeb is what got to her. she got much bigger recently, and I think she realized she could have/do a lot more with being that "A" lister
i love jessica simpson... she's just got this innocent (tho spoilt) vibe to her... and even though on newlyweds she seemed to take nic for granted..i think she actually was the one who really loved him. i think it's just coz she got into that relationship way too early(apparently he's her first love or something)and didnt know how to maintain a healthy relationship. like u said, baglovingmom, too young, too soon. but heck, she's got plenty of space to grow.. i reckon it's good she's single again!
Yeah I used to like her...now I'm seeing a new side of her. I think her dad is way to in control of her life, and yeah, she definitely thinks she's hot stuff, and thinks she's an A-lister so that she can do better. The girl is sheltered, and I won't fault her for that, but I think she believes that the "grass is greener" with Adam Levine, etc etc and it seems like Nick is the only one acting like an adult right now.