I'm starting to think I'm going a little crazy

  1. :lol:

    I've noticed I've picked up a habit of buying mulitiples of things for example
    • I have 4 Epi Cannes (red, yellow, blue, black)
    • I have both silver & gold in the Miroir speedies, pochettes, hearts (and I am waiting on the gold cosmetics case which will make another set)
    • I have 4 hearts
    • I have the Pearl limelight and I'm on the list for the other 2 colours
    I never set out to "collect" them it just happened

    please tell me I'm not a complete nutcase what do you have lots of in your collection....

    I know Rebecca needs to come here with her what are we up 17 ? pochettes :lol:
  2. I think it's really hard to resist getting multiples when the pieces are so beautiful. Forget the fact that some of them are LE, then it's an absolute must to pick them up. It's now or never. I much rather have multiples than regret it later on. In the worst case you can always sell them. It's not just you.
  3. well said! :tup:

    you are not a complete nutcase!! :roflmfao:
  4. It is not crazy, but only in LVOE :nuts:
  5. Oh no, you are not crazy. Collecting multiples is perfectly fine.
  6. If you are using them, I personally don't see it as collecting. Collecting is putting it aside and just not using (not that there is anything wrong with that) - because they are just so darn gorgeous they are hard to resist. Although my budget doesn't allow me to purchase things I will not use I do have some smaller items that I really don't have a functional use for - just to add beauty to my life.
    So whether or not you are using them or just enjoying I think you merely have a heart that loves beautiful things - and that doesn't make you a "nutcase".
  7. Hey, now, it's only 15 (still waiting for it to arrive). :roflmfao:
    And 7 Speedies...and I'll hopefully have 3 hearts if I ever get my Violette one.
  8. Claire---I hear you. Let's see:

    3 Speedys
    3 Hearts
    2 Sophies
    4 Agendas/Notebooks (3 are Hermes though [ducking])

    I hope they don't come out with more hearts next year because I don't even need the 3 that I have now but just can't say no!
  9. oh no I didn't even count speedies I have 5 of them!
  10. I think that if something is working for you, you should make sure you don't run out of it. I have a friend that will buy 5 of the same shirt in different colours if she likes it.
    You're not a nutcase - you're just prepared!
  11. 5 speedys.....
  12. Nah your not a nutcase, you just like what you like. It reminds me of my mom, if she finds a shirt she likes she buys one in every color, LOL!
  13. My mother taught me: if you like it, buy one in every color or you'll regret it. That being said, I have the following LV multiples:

    Neverfull PM Mono
    Neverfull PM MOCA Murakami

    Rivete - Black Lambskin
    Rivete - Mono

    Christie GM - Beige
    Christie GM - Bronze

    My SA at LV put it this way when she convinced me I needed the mono Rivete -- it's like a totally different bag in mono! And she was right.

    You're not crazy, Claire. Not as long as you have sufficient closet space...
  14. It's perfectly normal for an LV Addict I bought the whole blue monogram groom collection and im thinking into getting another twin for one of my bags:graucho: but im the same im like but if I get the other one I might have to have the whole set:nuts:
  15. um yeah well about that........LOL