I'm starting to seriously crave this TANO bag!

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  1. Miss Whoever You Are in snapdragon - I'm getting obsessed with looking at pictures of this bag - I love the creamy yellow color and it's beautiful style. My only worry is that it's a light color and I wear lots of denim. Still, I am so very tempted!

    Linda :drool:

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  2. That is my next TANO bag!! I love it!!
  3. Very cute!
  4. I loved this bag since I laid eyes on it. A perfect mellow yellow bag. This will be my first yellow bag that I plan on buying plus it's not overpriced where you worry as much.
  5. Well, I just emailed Alex from Must Have Bag and asked her if I could be put on the list for her next shipment due at the end of April - I just couldn't help myself! I told the hubby it could be his Mother's Day gift for me. :flowers:

  6. Yay! Gorgeous choice!!! Is that in the new cloud leather???
  7. That is going to be a nice bag for spring and summertime!
  8. cute it looks big enough to store all your goods
  9. Yes, it states that it's the cloud, squee!! I'm so excited!

    So between that and the French Nanny I ordered I should be good to go
    for a while, it is not like me to purchase two in a row like this and yet I've managed
    to get two bags for less than I would have paid for one leather Coach. Oh and
    great news, Alex said my French Nanny should be in next week! So, I
    don't have to wait until the end of April for that one. :yahoo:

  10. Love it and it's on my to buy list along with about 7 other ones for spring. Now I just need some cash....
  11. Im in the minority, but not a fan of the color or the style!I think it would be cuter in a much more punchy color
  12. The yellow is so "buttery". I love it!