I'm starting to hate some of my bags!!!

  1. :sick: As new bags come out, new styles intrigue me and I start to really dislike many of the bags I own - does this happen to anyone? Why am I so fickle? I've been with the same man for 25 years - I guess bags and men don't equate. Now I'll have to sell to buy (what a pain).
  2. I think that's normal. It's like anything else to me, clothing, cars, homes. . . you grow out of some and others. . . sometimes your needs or tastes just change!
  3. I hear you, maybe you should just wait it out... because there's always a better bag that's coming out. I don't buy all the bags I like... just the bags i :love: LOL But sometimes I'll buy a bag and it's da bomb and all that, but might not go w/ my style (which changes here and there) ...therefore, getting neglected. I end up just swaping those purses w/ my mom's purses and it works out. I'd only sell if I'm getting goooood money out of it.
  4. I wouldn't rush to judge your bags. I can be the same way with clothes and/or jewelry.

    Suggest you stick them away carefully for a season (or year) or two. If they're tasteful bags, they'll hold up style-wise and you just never know what you're absolutely going to have to have down the road - you may already own it!

    I hung on to a couple of really nice (read here expensive) blazers for a few years, never wearing them but reluctant to pass them on. This year, I suddenly wanted them and pulled them back out - they've been wardrobe staples ever since.
  5. I'm hating a few of them too!!!!!!-Oh to change them every 3 years like leased cars!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think it depends upon your personality. If you are the type of person who, once a decision is made, that's it, you should think about selling or exchanging them. (or whatever) If you might change your mind, put them away for a few months and then re-evaluate.
  7. I don't think you are being fickle, I think we just evolve & our taste change. I think our needs change & go through phases of what we like & dislike that is the great thing about having MP & ebay.
  8. That would be a great solution for me!!!!!!!!
  9. Homes:lol: Oh lord Swanky. Could you imagine buying new ones as often as we buy our bags. Talk about a perfect world:graucho: Although, I would be husbandless.:roflmfao: Im lucky the hubby is surviving my bag addiction:angel: