I'm starting my own Hand bag designs

  1. Hello online Purse addicts,

    Hi everyone,
    this is my 1st post in this forum.

    I wanted to get in touch with all of you to get your insights on my passion for designing my own bags.

    I worked on 2-3 bags so far, and i c my brand to be one of the leaders internationaly

    i'm in a dilimma now, i want to have my own name tags + my own buckles, + the very best handbags hardware, like the ones you c in famous brands like LV, Channel..etc

    i also want to hire my own professional bag tailor... any idea where i can find such requests....

    when i walk around with one of my designed bags, alot of ppl turn their heads, and some even give me thier contact numbers to consider them when i have my business established in the future..

    thanks alot in advance. :love:
  2. i have no idea but i am planning to study and break into the fashion industry so i hope someone helps you becuas ei would want it in the future! good luck im sure your designs are gorgous and they will be a hit!
  3. Thanks naughtymanolo for your reply and all the best in your fashion studies.

    any1 has an idea wat to do. cz this sort of business is very rare where i live... :cry:

    plz help
  4. i guess go to design graduate schools and see if there are any promising students who are looking for a job? im not sure, but you should go onto those job sites and put up a classified and wait for a result. do you have a site? you should build ones since thats like the number one way new companies reach addicts like myself : )
  5. are you making the bags yourself? When you say "bag tailor" you mean someone who can make them for you...as in taking your sketches making the patterns and then producing your bags?
  6. aarti that's exactly what i wana do, any recommendations for design graduate school, i'm from the middle east, and we dont have a that specialization in my country... :hrmm:

    alexandrainparis that's exactly what i wana do. my plan is to work with a very good tailor, and hand embroiderer.... in my previous bags i supervised everystep... i cant depend on the current skills of the workers i had... it doesnt meet my aspirations to go international :Push:

    I wonder what big names do to tailor thier bags ... plz help:flowers:
  7. :cry:
    plz help
  8. I would love to see some photos of your work!
  9. I would also like to see some of your designs!
  10. You never know, your business could have a start right here if you were to post pics. of your work.
  11. ofcourse... will reply with a photo soon.
  12. here is the most popular and recognized school for fashion in the US,
    the Fashion Institute of Technology.

    Many famous designers have graduated from here


    There is also the Paris Fashion Institute

    I personally went to FIDM in Los Angeles for Product Development.

    I am currently in the process of manufacturing my own line too!

    If you play around with Google. You can find almost everything you will need to manufacture...in China, India, etc...

    Good luck to you!
  13. :graucho: all the best in your all handbags endeavors.
  14. Thanks!! You too. Where are you from in the Middle East? Is there a good market for high end handbags? :smile:
  15. if anyone of you girls knows suppliers who can supply me with my own brand name tags, buckels, handels..etc. like the ones we c in the very famous bags, i'll b ready to take it as a freelance job from your side.

    also i'm ready to pay a commission to anyone who finds for me a very good bag tailors.

    I'm damn serious about it. :noworry: