I'm standing in a wedding, this ok?

  1. My friend is getting married next May and she left it up to us to find cream/taupe dresses. Thoughts on this?
  2. What are the other girls wearing? I do like it, but it looks a little casual. :shrugs:
  3. everyone is ranging from just strapless dresses to who knows what...:smile: i thought that too. like it might be casual, but i think the wedding is a little more on the casual side too.
  4. It's Ok but I'm not a big fan
  5. i don't like it sorry...the big bow right on top of the chest area looks doofy to me
  6. It's cute, but I would have to agree that it is really casual and seems more like a "sunday lunch with the grandparents" type of dress. Gorgeous color, though. I think if it didn't have those lace bell-sleeves and was just a simple, elegant square-neck dress with that bow in the front it would be much better.
  7. i like it all except for the bow i like the shape the colour and the style just not keen on the bow
  8. Hey Paris wore that same dress before!!

  9. I like it all but the bow. But I do like how it looks on Paris!
  10. hilarious! i can't believe paris wore it! I thought it looked familiar. i think i like the way she tied, or didn't really tie, the bow part. it looks nicer flat.
  11. It's really pretty, but I think it looks like an outfit that you could wear to work...maybe something just a little more formal?
  12. I really like it!! So pretty and delicate! Perfect for a May wedding!
  13. I like it too, but now everyone has me thinking I may need something more formal. I think i'm going to hold on to it and keep looking in the meantime. Thanks for all your input ladies!
  14. sorry, I dont like it either. I am sure you can find something better.
  15. I think it's pretty and with nice glam high heels and hair & makeup done, it would look a bit more formal.