I'm standing firm but they won't be in Chloe sandals.

  1. As some of you probably know I want a pair of Chloe sandals bad. Okay the brown two, fat strap version with 4 inch wedges. If I can find them in my size (only one local at this moment) I would have to pay around 690 dollars. These suckers are selling out and this totally flips my mind.

    Doesn't it amaze you guys that 'it' shoes have gotten so crazy? I'm thrilled with the two boots I've recently purchased from Chloe, end of the season under 600 dollars but these sandals are really moving.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm frustrated with the prices and so I'm saying no.......with a heavy heart!:crybaby:
  2. You better not buy them. WHAT ABOUT YOUR TAXES????
  3. I too think that designer shoes are outrageous....the one thing I have been able to avoid...I refuse to spend that much money on shoes....
    I think the chloe wallets are even outrageously priced!!
  4. I cringe if i spend 80 on a pair of shoes..yet i can spend 1000 on a bag..200 on jeans, ect. lol
  5. No I won't buy Nat. I just can't. Quite frankly even if I could take that leap, I don't think I could.

    The amount of $$$$$$ for the flash in the "fashion pan" sandals is just too over the edge for me.

    There that feels better now!
  6. I'm pretty much the same...the most I've spent is like 250 for frye and ugg boots...
  7. Isn't it funny the things we will spend money on. I'm with you on this susieserb, I can't bring myself to spend more than $350(it has to be drop dead gorgeous) on a shoe but a handbag, there's no limit there:whistle:
  8. Good for you Susierb. Wait it out... and this too shall pass!
  9. Yes - I work in the shoe business so I know how much they cost to produce and I certainly hate spending big bucks on them. The only way I would do it would have to involve Christian Laboutins or Manolo's. Classic styles that I would wear for years. Or maybe with really really nice boots. I love the look of high wedges and chunky heels but realistically - they are very impractical for me. I'm something like 6'4" when I wear them and people gawk. And when they eventually go out of style relatively quickly, I will kick myself for not using the $700 or so for a down payment on a TDF bag that I could use every day.

  10. Here's what makes me say no. Last year MK had his highend woven sandals in all the magazines and I was hooked but they were selling for 500 some odd dollars (apparently a deal price for this year???). I tried to order through BG but they were sold out?????? I took this to mean a good omen and said a thankful prayer because like you my limit was around 300 dollars for sandals (boots are different for obvious reasons, like MORE leather?)..

    Anyway sure enough, end of the season sales right before the holidays (yes I kept watching them) I snared those MK sandals from Saks for 135 dollars. Picture happy dance~! Except, I haven't even worn these shoes and I'm now dreaming about Chloe wedges crazy. At least I recognise with a sound mind that these cuties are a vunerable fashion choice. They would have to be allot cheaper for me to spring.:cursing:
  11. I refuse to pay full price for designer shoes. Even though I may miss one of my favorites, I will find one I like just as much on sale latter.

    Of course, I have never paid full price for any of my handbags, either.

    I love a bargain! :graucho:
  12. I think we always love the things we can't have (whether it's self imposed or just don't have the money). I know for me it's the thrill of the chase you want something so bad but you don't want to pay full price than when it goes on sale you hunt around for a place to get it for the best price, when it gets in your hands you say I can't believe I finally have it, two weeks later it's in the closet and your off for the new hunt:search:.
  13. How sadly right you are. That's why I say, I have morphed into the Shopaholic character in the book.
  14. I have to admit I do spend a lot on my shoes, I save up and buy my faves. I realized that I had to slow down....way down, when I purchased 3 pairs of Chloe boots in one fell swoop last month. The leather is TDF but, I don't know if I'm going to keep them all. Still pondering. Alas, I am so weak!!!
    Stay strong Susieserb!
  15. You are not alone. the scary thing is it happens over night.