I'm Speechless !!!!

  1. [​IMG]Chrystee Pharris from Passions.
  2. Ditto....
  3. :amazed:.............:sad:
  4. uhhh...right there with ya!?!
  5. :wtf: Looks like they only have enough material to make her a knee length skirt, but she wanted a long skirt instead, so they have to improvise!:upsidedown: :lol: :roflmfao:
  6. I wonder if she made that herself?
  7. eww what in the world was she thinking when she put that on?
    (boy I look sooo HOT in this outfit???) lol
  8. Wtf???
  9. Oh no.
  10. hahahaha. looks like the army was having an auction on their scrap material.
  11. what the hell is wrong with her?!
  12. what is this even called
    what is this..
    not that she wore, but who made it....????
  13. ummmm...........NO
  14. what the:dots:
  15. I'm sure who ever made it has left the country by now. :nuts: