I'm sort of digging this vintage bag...

  1. please let me know what you think...

    I have such a hard time buying without trying on though.
    Has anyone seen a similar one irl? It is around 5 years old I think...stamp starts with 6.
  2. :huh:h I saw that one on eBay and drooled at the lush colour! :love:
  3. Yes, I was just window shopping, inspired by your eBay find!:p
  4. I like it! I will have to look it up to see the dimensions. Almost looks like the size of the expandable.

    C'mon RC - start the trend toward vintage CC!

    LOVE the hot pink. Much better than the baby pink. Will look good with a plisse!
  5. I hope it's ok for me to be totally honest..

    I LOVE the colour, however, I find the bag a bit too long North-South wise? Maybe because of the "flap" part at the top being relatively short as compared with the rest of the bag - I feel like the bag should end a lot earlier than it actually does?

  6. Maxter, it measures 12x9x3...I am a sucker for fuschia too! That and violet!
  7. I haven't been on TPF much lately, but from what I can remember, you already have a killer Chanel collection, Rockerchic!

    Maybe I'm just weird, but there's something about vintage Chanels that really appeal to me. It's almost like they have more character than the newer bags (not that the new styles are not also TDF!). :smile:
  8. I don't know about the bag.. but the color is TDF!!
  9. Love the fuchsia color! It's a color which makes you feel happy just by looking at it. :tup:
  10. Jade and Japs, absolutely fine to be totally honest...I appreciate it!
    Maybe I'll make a mock up...
    Lily, thanks for remembering my chanel collection. I have to repost with some of my new goodies!
  11. luv the color
  12. rockerchic, the color is beautiful. You will definitely rock this bag. Go for it!
  13. Love the color but not sure about the style.
  14. Stacy- I think the color is tdf!! You could definately pull it off. I say go for it...
  15. HOT color!