I'm sorry Goyard, I'm not impressed :-(

  1. All of the responses in this thread are so painful to read.......... I sincerely hope that yours will last. I buy Goyard to last forever not four months..... :sad:

    I'll still love my bag forever, it will always bring back the memories of my first day in Paris (just as my little spin at Hermès :graucho:).

    I pretty much always shop looking really drab. T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. I wasn't particularly well-dressed at Goyard/Hermès either while in Paris, but I've always commanded good customer service while in any store. I just hate how they can hide away from me, and take advantage of me behind a computer screen!
  2. It's a good thing I started out with Goyard with something small. But still, their cs response is repulsive.

    They really should come with a warning label. If it is expected to happen in only a couple months, it really should be a responsibility of theirs to notify their clients of the way the bag will age.

    Hope yours will last!

    Well said foxymom!
  3. If you can live with it, don't let my experience deter you, as your experience may be entirely different, but just stay informed :smile:

    Yes, Goyard will probably continue to surge in popularity, but that is the last of what I am worried about.

    That is what a drew from the whole incident. House-giving, charity-starting iconic woman aside, just the fact that she behaves like an entitled child has kept me off admiring her.

    Thanks Aluxe :smile:

    I won't leave don't you worry, but I also don't think that I am by any means a cheerleader in the Goyard forum. I'm just another member who enjoys his Goyard :smile:
  4. I'm so sorry about your Gucci. I was previously affiliated with the brand so I will not elaborate on their customer services. Thanks for the love queenmother :smile:

    Thanks bga; I'm still feeling the pain. I took it out for a spin to the post-office since, but I always feel compelled to peek at the little crack... I pay good money for these bags, I do expect them to patina luxuriously, not break apart...
  5. How disappointing, OP! I need a work tote and I have been trying to decide between a St. Louis and an LV Neverfull. I had pretty much decided on the St. Louis, but now I'm not so sure. :thinking:
  6. I just charge it to normal wear and tear of the Saint Louis. It's a tension point for the bag but I still consider it one of my go-to totes.
  7. That's so disappointing! I was considering St Louis tote too, but I guess that's not going to happen. :sad:
  8. this is going to be my next bag purchase but after reading this, i am no longer sure at this point! good thing i still have have a long time before it's time to buy, but still... :sad: :sad: this truly is disappointing to hear....

    unfortunately, i don't like LV so i can't get a neverfull..... gotta start researching to find out a similar tote that has great quality and great customer service :sad:

    sorry about your experience OP! :sad:
  9. the straps of my Okinawa PM have no cracks at all even after 5 years (occasional wear) and they look a bit stretched already. Might have been better quality back then, or the color (black) or that the straps of the Okinawa are thicker
  10. I purchased a Goyard St Louis from Barney's in Boston MA. The handles started peeling from day one, then the stitching started to come loose. I sent it back for repair and was told I shouldn't be so rough with my bag. I baby all my bags so I was pretty pissed off. I sold the bag on eBay and got an LV Neverfull.
  11. Ouch! If that so, I wouldnt want to buy one too..but it seems like it is getting more and more famous now though...Mao..do you have a Goyard in Sdyney? Maybe you could try to approach them. Sometimes, different boutique have different SA who willing to helps you. Good luck!

  12. My opinion is, when spending obscene amounts of money on a bag, the customer service is as important as the quality. If they did not satisfy the consumer, they are not worth buying from!
  13. I just purchased my first Saint Louis GM less than a week ago (7/23/2011) and I saw this thread and have been inspecting my handles and I've noticed hairline cracks in mine as well.

    This is upsetting for many reasons, but I suppose I just have to carry less items in it.
  14. I went through the exact same situation as you-I started a thread a few months ago here:

    I bought mine in June 2010 and I noticed the problem earlier this year. The SA I dealt with at GSF had the exact same response-normal wear and tear/nothing to be done. I only use it occasionally on weekends. I now use it gingerly and am very conscious to keep it light to prevent any further cracking.

    Unfortunately, my friend's Neverfull (which she bought at the same time) has had no problems and she lugs that thing everywhere. A bit of a head scratcher as I spent around $500 more than her to have my straps crack first! Why Goyard whyyyy!?
  15. My red PM also has cracks, not too bad and I have been using it for a year and a half (I discovered the cracks after using it for about a year), usually during the weekends but not every weekend. And I never over load my bag and I am always careful with it.

    I was sad at first when I discovered the cracks, but I have decided to keep using it till it gets really bad then have the straps replaced altogether. They are not too noticeable in my case, and as long as it's not the leather itself that's cracking -- only the sealant -- then I can live with it. But yes, I think for a bag at this price point, they really should be more durable...