I'm sorry Goyard, I'm not impressed :-(

  1. I live in Continental Europe and have experienced cracks on my yellow PM St. Louis after only a couple of weeks of very moderate use (I definitely am no pack rat and hardly ever have more than a wallet, agenda and small cosmetic case with me. Okay, plus mobile but thats it).
    I find this extremely disturbing and not okay for a $$ bag... The cs for sure is ne help...
  2. Yes, my Saint Louis (black-caramel) started showing small cracks at the exact same spot shown in pictures here after a couple months I bought it. They haven't grown to be huge for the moment. I don't mind them really, I consider them as sort of a personnalisation, like signs of our spending time together hehehe :biggrin:

    I guess this is a fact one should know/consider in advance when thinking about buying a Saint Louis bag, as it seems to be inevitably happening, sooner or later.
  3. You guys just scared the pee out of me! I ran to check my St. Louis and *whew* I have no signs of cracking of either the resin or tearing/cracking of the leather. I use mine often, though not every day. and when I travel, it's loaded down with a fully-loaded 35 cm birkin, in addition to other travel stuff. AND I drape the handles over the handles of my wheeled carry-on, which stresses the handle with the full weight of the contents.

    But I will certainly be keeping my eye on it now.

    Sorry that happened to you and about the crappy CS. :sad:
  4. o.m.g

    i just purchased an orange st.louis pm and now i'm very worried about cracking and handle replacing...

    so okay, to be honest i already know of the sealant cracking but i thought (or was hoping) it was on the older bags and that goyard already solved this -- i guess not :sad:

    my consolation is that i will be in paris this december, so if ever my handles do break i can have it fixed at the paris store....

    but still, for the amount we pay for these bags, they should be able to stand usage! they're advertised as travel bags! not porcelain, should be handled with extreme care, bags!
  5. This is disappointing. I have always had getting a Goyard bag in the back of my mind but now I am not so sure. And seeing that your bag is not the exception but actually the norm very sad.
  6. no one should be treated badly, no matter what they choose to wear. Hello, Oprah x Hermes fiasco?

    As for the bag, I am sorry to say that there are many fakes floating around, its just a matter of time before it become mainstream. Nothing logo-ago go is safe.
  7. Oprah and H fiasco weren't related to the craftmanship of the bag, but rather because they wouldn't let her in the store after closing hours and didn't make prior arrangements.

    Didn't she feel she was entitled to be asked in because she was Oprah, then turned it into a racial issue?
  8. wow, I'm sorry for the lack of customer service, OP.
    Your tale and those of others who have shared their issues with Goyard has sealed their fate with me, unfortunately. I came into Goyard because I was considering buying and to know the customer service is lacking and some of their products can begin to breakdown so quickly with (less than) normal/average use is troubling.

    OP, hope you can find a cobbler or other merchant to help heal your baby before any damage worsens.

    Good luck.

  9. My sentiments wholeheartedly^
    Just because you pay a house mortgage for a bag, doesn't mean it won't have issues. It's unfortunate but I see way too many problems with luxury brands and customer service not being there when you need them most. OP, you can't leave, we love you!!!! If it'll make you feel any better I just spilled grape juice all over mine and it stained the inside and mine is just a few weeks old. I am bummed but I'm going to enjoy the hell out of my bag!
  10. From time to time, we do experience some problems with luxury brands. I'm glad though that Goyard offered to replace the handles, something other brands won't do. A few years ago, I encountered peeling handles with a Gucci I've only been using for a month and Gucci just told me that they could not replace the handle since the material they used for the handle turned out to be defective and they decided to just discontinue using the material. That was the last Gucci I ever purchased. I'd rather stay loyal to a brand that will offer to make repairs than buy from one who just won't care if you got a defective bag.

    I agree with PinkSuadeSoho, you can't leave us OP, we love you!!!
  11. r15324, So sorry to learn of this!!!! I hope it all works out for you! There is nothing worse then getting ripped off! Aaah!
  12. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and input, I'll get to replying all of you- I just have stayed away from opening this thread again... Especially since it's reveal was bumped recently :-/
  13. Thanks for trying to cheer me up :flowers: You're so right when you say that no one would notice. Especially since the loop for the pochette fits and covers it all. A couple Goyard fanatics have walked into my store since then and I've asked to see how their handles are holding up. Some are worse, but they all agree that four months is way too little time for it to start happening. I'm not worried about any compromised strength that could occur since they are very strong, it's just Goyard's complete lack of customer care and ridiculous after-sale care that is peeving me off completely.

    I believe that to be so true. The attitude from them I get is that they treat the client to be blessed to be able to experience Goyard, not that Goyard is blessed to have such a dedicated following... :sad: Hope your aunt's Saigon gets sorted out favourably.

    Their responses have so far been a load of rubbish and completely different at times. How did your craftsman in Singapore go about fixing the sealant?

    I know bex, I know :sad:
  14. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry...

    I hope so. Since I actually purchased this bag blind through Amex's Centurion concierge service, I may have another angle in getting it sorted out, otherwise, they can expect a lengthy complaint from me (not that they care at all anyway...)

    How long have you had yours for? I don't even carry so much in mine... Maybe 5/6 pounds the maximum at any time. May have to retire him for a while.

    Glad yours worked out. How old was your bag though at the time this incident happened?

    Although I've been resenting Louis Vuitton's products for a while now, I will admit, the larger pieces hold up very well and very sturdily. But while I do not like them per se, all my experiences with them (repairs, special orders etc.) have always been a breeze. I am just so happy that they stick by their products and take full responsibility when needed. :sad:
  15. Even though it's become aesthetically appalling, from other people's experience, the bag's strength is not compromised. But I hate how it makes it look abused and beat up especially when I am so good to my bags... Hope ours can stay strong :smile:

    Use them, don't worry, just be aware and keep an eye out for your sealant :smile:

    Please do learn from my experience, at the end of the day, Goyard will always be in my heart, but I don't see myself purchasing the rainbow of bags that I had previously set out to for....