I'm sorry but this just urks me ...

  1. This just ticks me off when people go and buy up stuff at MOCA (and get their friends to help) and then sell them for crazy prices on eBay:



    I know that they can do as they please and if people will buy them then yay. But I feel like this is taking away from people who really want these - not to sell but to love - ya know. If there are tons of these and they won't sell out then good but if not - boo I say boo. :tdown:
  2. I totally agree. We live in a free country but it makes me sick to my stomach! :throwup:
  3. For doubling or tripling the prices on these bags.. one word>>>>>>>> GREED
  4. Can someone tell me what MOCA is? I'm sorry :'(
  5. Nevermind-just read the auction and found out...
  6. There is such a glut of these on eBay right now, you have to wonder how many people are going to get stuck with bags they can't sell in the end. I thought there was a purchasing limit on these?
  7. Yes, them and all the ticket scalping sites too. Something like 90% of people who bought Hannah montana tickets don't intend to go see it.
    However, it's just the way things are and LV can't complain since it's people like these 25 years ago (ppl who sold LV bags at double price to places where you couldn't buy it) who got LV to expand to Japan and open its first North American boutique in Hawaii (before Rodeo or 5th ave) and become a global brand.

    I know some people who camped out for the ps3 for $500 profit each. I guess 2 24-hr work days traded for $500 from a willing buyer. I guess it's a fair trade in that case...dunno about the moca.
  8. <-----secretly waiting for the major surplus in a few weeks to make my move.....lol.....:graucho::graucho:
  9. Ditto
  10. ITA...I think it's awful. Let the people who really want them get them.
  11. Ugh!!!
  12. I'll second that. Profiteering is just plain UGH-LY ... :sad: