im sorry but my first thought was..

  1. eww i dont like it either..taking care of that thing would be a pain!
  2. Wasn't this bag up on ebay before? I could have sworn I've seen it.
  3. I think it's pretty, but I know that bag will lose its street value once I would own it...I'm pretty rough with bags...
  4. OH MY GOSH - you'd have to put this in a glass case and store it in your cabinet just to enjoy it and NEVER EVER EVER WEAR IT! Wow! What an amazingly hard-to-take-care-of fabric! No - not for moi either....:wtf:
  5. Besides the price tag being out of this world, I'd have to say no to this bag also...not ever happening.
  6. I'm not liking it either. Something is just not right about this bag.
  7. same here, i dont like vachetta... i really take good care of my bag... i cant imagine how tired i am to take care that bag... thats why.. i love damier and epi... easy to take care.... just my opinion
  8. somehow it looks naked! :shrugs:
  9. Maybe it's just me but somehow if I see an all vachetta bag I have this urge to want to cover it up, it just looks....naked:shrugs: :confused1:

  10. :roflmfao: naked... hehehehe....
  11. i hear ya :yes:

  12. it looks great when its still new like that but then i cant imagine how it would look like after couple of years usage :Push:
  13. Without the patina vachetta always looks dead to me, gives me chills :s
  14. Not for me