~*~*I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!~*~*

  1. My husband's family has been and is going to be here for the next week. They are just visiting, but he is happy about how I've taken care of them and am making them happy, and out of the blue, he says he wants to buy me a Coach bag!!!!!!! But I wasn't expecting it, so now I don't know what I want! I'm always up for a new bag though! So do you have any suggestions for me? I'm thinking I want something signature, because I'm still afraid of the leather:shame:. For the first time nothing is jumping out at me.

  2. I was thinking the Chocolate Sig. Stripe tote, but I really only want it if it has legacy lining. Does anyone know if they all have legacy lining, or were there a few special addition ones that did?
  3. How sweet of him! Do you like any of the Bleeker line? I'm very pleased with my Bleeker large flap. Or do you like either the Ergo or Legacy lines? I'm not sure what to suggest. I'd cruise the Coach website and see what bags interest you most. Or wait just a few weeks and see what comes out next. Whatever you get, you are sure to love it because of the thought behind it!

    ETA: I think the signature bags with the bronze stripe have the legacy lining. At least the mini skinnies and wristlets do because I was checking them out while out shopping recently. I'd assume the bags do too. That'd be a great bag!
  4. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the reply! So this bag has the legacy lining? If it does, I think it may have to be mine. :yahoo:
  5. I also love the Ergo tote, I just wish it still came in Natural or Camel. I guess I will have to wait until spring if I want one in those colors.
  6. if there's nothing really popping out this season, could you ask your hubby to save his offer to buy a coach bag for the next season? :nuts: there's new stuff coming out in november.

    nothing is really grabbing my attention this season. i'm waiting for november, right before xmas. and worse come to worse, if i still don't like anything, then i'll just have to wait for the spring line to come out in 08. not that i don't want to wait until then! but hey, my wallet won't be complaining, lol!
  7. ^^^Yeah, I know what you mean...lol. I could always ask for a rain check, but I am like a 5 year old in a toy store who, even though they have everything they want, will stand there for hours staring at the merchandise until I find something.

    There are a few pieces I was eyeing up, but I'm not sure now. I was looking at the choc. sig. stripe tote like I said above, but I already have a choc. carly.....and I was looking at a sig/khaki Hamptons med. carry all tote......but then I thought maybe it looked too business-y for me.
  8. I'm also eyeing the khaki/beet lg. carly.....but I already have a large choc. carly......I do like that style of bag though. I love the slouch.
  9. wait til you see what is coming out in november!! in the look book today i saw this signature tote (like signature stripe, only without the stripe) with beautiful embroidered flowers on it!!! I think they were peonies!!!!! they had the small tote, large tote and travel tote!!!
  10. The Signature Stripe Totes do NOT have legacy lining. I have that one in chocolate/bronze and the inside is just dark brown.
  11. The Leigh!!!!! It has legacy lining and is beautiful!
  12. I know what you mean! If that bag had legacy lining like the earlier ones, I would have certainly bought it and was bummed that it's just dark brown inside.

    I know it's hard to wait, but if you don't love anything, wait til November. Somthing might grab your eye. Maybe he can take you out for a nice dinner until then?:p

    Or, you could get the embossed legacy leather satchel! I think it's one of the most gorgeous bags ever!
  13. I have this bag too and love it! But yeah, the inside lining is a satiny dark brown.
  14. Go to the outlet!!! I saw Ergo totes in natural there last monday (well, here anyways).
  15. they don't have the legacy lining but the accessories do!