I'm soooooo upset girls...

  1. I received my apple green day bag this morning and guess what? It's VERY used. As stated in the auction, it's supposed to be "BRAND NEW AND NEVER CARRIED WITH TAGS" but it's a far cry from that. The corners are scruffed and dirty, the mirror has some marks, the handle is a bit brown-ish and the tassles have split into 4 pieces. I don't get it! What should I do now? I've never been in this situation before. This is really disappointing. Sigh... Oh well. :crybaby:
  2. Awww...that's awful. Can you return it?
  3. did she send you the wrong one? those pics look brand new to me... i'd return it.
  4. That is terrible. You need to force the issue with the seller that the item was not described and send them pictures and tell them there is a fat chance in hell the bag you got was brand new. If they don't cooperate, perhaps you can report them to ebay for item not as described.
  5. I am so sorry. That bag looks brand new in the pictures. Force the issue and get your money back. I would make her pay to have it shipped back since she blatantly lied in her auction! Ebay makes me so very nervous. In fact, they su*k. Fraud runs rampant and they give all of the con artists and scammers worldwide the perfect place to commit their dirty little deeds. I just won a rose Twiggy and I know it has some wear on one of the corners, but supposedly no dark handles, etc. I will be so nervous because I don't think that this was a PR'ers auction. I've been watching it all week, put a snipe on it a few days ago, figured that I would not win, but I did. Now I am very nervous.
    If i were you, I would contact the seller and tell her she misrepresented the bag. I always use my American Express card. That way I can always contest the charges and unless the seller has a very solid case they almost always side with the cardholder.
  6. That's terrible. SO sorry to hear this. You need to get your money back. Try to settle with the seller first. Sometimes, they're kind enough to just do a refund. Good luck and hope all turns out well for you:flowers:
  7. Sorry to hear that you can try to talk to seller and..either return the item or negociate price so that you can get some money back..
  8. Can you post pictures for us? I just looked again and the bag in the auction looks perfect in every way. Do you think that she used fake pics from someone elses auction?:cursing:

  9. I agree, but I would try to say it with nice words at the beginning.
    Such as: I am sure there must have been a mistake, either in the listing or I was shipped the wrong item....

    Even if this link is meant to help with fakes, there is some good inspiration on how to behave and which way to follow when items have been grossly mispresented (because that's what it is, and you deserve full refund even if the seller didn't talk about a return policy in the listing)
    eBay Guides - Bought a FAKE bag Getting your money back- What to do

    If you have problems with the seller, understanding Italian behaviours or because at a certain point he behaves as if he didn't understand a word of what you are saying because it's in english, feel free to contact me so that we car write in Italian.
  10. ooh, i'm so sorry to hear that.
    the bag looks perfect in the auction picture.
    have you tried to contact the seller and talk about this?
  11. oh, that's horrible, I hope you can return it.
  12. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that!

    I agree trauma in that you should definitely approach in a friendly manner to BEGIN with. I learned that the hard way and had to go through the whole PayPal dispute thing, which was a huge pain. I think if I had not put him so much on the defense (even though he deserved it) in the beginning I could have saved a lot of hassle.

    That said, make sure you get what you want out of this!!!!
  13. You can file a complaint with ebay that the item is significantly different from the auction...I did that recently and I told the seller what I wanted as a refund back (through PayPal this was done) and I won. Its very fair that way I think....I am so sorry this happened. Post pictures.
  14. Sorry, I did not imply that very well did I? I definitely agree that you need to approach the seller pleasantly first and see where that takes you. My frustration is showing here (for Dancing_Queen) from my own experience of being duped. It is very unfortunate but there are a high number of sellers out there all trying to hook us in. At least you got an authentic bag but still unfortunate that it was not as described. I hope this situation works out in your favor. Please let us know what happens! :yes: