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  1. There have been numerous threads lately dismantling LV's reputation, so I'm making this thread in praise of LV's fine craftsmanship.

    As some of you may know, I've always said and argued that I don't care about 'quality' when it comes to luxury items.
    Until now, I've never been *THAT* impressed by ANY fashion house, not LV, Chanel, Gucci to name a few (never scrutinized a Birkin or Kelly though...lol).
    However, upon purchasing a Suhali bag recently, I've changed my mind: The Suhali collection is truly made of fine quality material. I still cannot admit that every detail is perfect, but compared to the bags I own and all the ones I've looked at in my boutique (permanent, seasonal, and LE), Suhali bags seem to be made the best in general. The price is well worth it.:yes:

    *Claps hands*:choochoo:(well this smiley is the closest one I can get to clapping... lol)
  2. I agree, I only have a Suhali agenda but love it. It's just gorgeous.
  3. Thats good to hear. The suhali bags are amazing, I would love a lock it. I hav been hearing negative things about the quality of the products but more about the customer service, only bags i heard had problems were the neverfull bags, but you hear the customers complaints almost daily, it's sad.
  4. the suhali lockit..hopefully one day it will be mine!
  5. yay congrats on your fab new purchase
    suhali is gorgeous :drool:
  6. I like this thread.....

    Honestly, the reason I got into LV so much was b/c..every family member I know that owns one...will attest to its durability....its the one they always reach for when they need a work horse of a bag....and they keep it for soooo long.

    The suhali line is a master piece!!!!!!
  7. That's for sharing the details of LV's fine craftsmenship and your impressiveness for the Suhali line. After reading your post and seeing Michelle's Le Talentueux, I am convinced I need to get something in this line.

    But the price increase is definitely holding me back...
  8. I would love to own some Suhali in the near future!
    I don't think i have heard anything bad about Suhali yet!:yes:
  9. The stitching on my cles is a bit shabby in one place, but otherwise it really looks and feels amazing in quality. The grain of the leather is just perfect, too, and the color rich, as you previously noted. Loves it!! The smell is nothing special though, might I add.
  10. I would love to buy a suhali cles and some others to.
  11. Congrats Cec! I agree I don't have anything in the Suhali line, I would like to get something in the near future, but I do have to say that my senitments about my Stratus PM mirror those of your about your Suhali. I am totally impressed by the attention to detail, the quality and suppleness of the leather, to me it is a true luxury item. Thanks for starting this thread I like hearing happy LV stories!
  12. I'd love a Suhali bag, they're absolutely stunning. I'm glad you finally found your perfect bag!
  13. COngrats again Cece! I was hoping to get a Suhali this year...but the darn LE bags got in the way! Maybe in 2008...or maybe hubby'll surprise me with one!
  14. yay for lv! congratulations on your new suhali piece by the way, cec.
    i love the suhali lockit and would love to buy it in the future.
    to be honest, i bought a chanel petit shopping tote at around the same time i bought my batignolles hor and the chanel bag broke in less than a month. for the price i paid for it compared to my bh, i was pretty unhappy with chanel's quality. my lvs have yet to fail me.
  15. I don't have any Suhali but I agree that it's LV's "Rolls Royce" line. I love your new bag!