I'm soooo upset right now!!

  1. aghhhh! I'm so upset with this eBay crap! I listed an item for sale since monday. It was never listed on eBay and I've sent countless e-mails trying to find out why only to get no response!!! and they've already charged my account with fees!! I'm so fustrated right now....I don't even know what to do next!
  2. Have you tried using the live help button on the home page? i've found that I get assistance much quicker this way.
  3. has live help ever worked for you lori? i have been trying all day!
  4. I've used live chat on a number of occasions. Sometimes the wait is long though! They are quick to help, and it's good to talk to a real person rather than getting those automated emails that don't answer your questions.
  5. call them
  6. Ugh, what a PITA! Hope they sort it out for you quickly Keodi
  7. Check your spam folder in your e-mail. Did you check the settings in my eBay to make sure you have them set to dispay your listings?
  8. how do I do that?