I'm soooo thankful for this forum...

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  1. Reading Kimmy's thread reminded me of what I used to go through sometimes just from wearing certain things to work. It's so much fun to buy something nice for myself every once in a while, but until I found this forum, it always seemed as if it was something that I could never discuss....even with certain family members. This forum has filled a huge void. Not only does it feel great to get new handbags for myself, but I've found that it also feels great to see others enjoying their handbags so much. I've found that lately, I'm spending a little less time shopping for my own bags and a little more time admiring the collections of other in the Bag Showcase.:biggrin: It's such a shame that coworkers (or even certain family members) can't look at others and be happy for them.
  2. I completely concur!

    But does anyone blur this Forum w/ their real life? Sometimes I'll catch myself about to say something to someone about a bag or something like it's one of you guys and I have to stop myself!

    I heart purseblog!!!
  3. I agree, this is my "PA" purse anonymous meeting. No ones else really understands this desire to covet designer purses. My husband is totally understanding and often help me select and buy my purses for me, but it's almost like a secret between us as we never tell anyone how many purses I have or how much I spend on them'
  4. I do that too!!!:lol: It's to the point now where my husband asks me, "So, anything new on the Purse Forum?":biggrin:
  5. Since I found this site couple days ago while doing research for a Balenciaga bag, I have been telling my husband, the I've found "my people."
  6. happy1, I can totally relate. When I discovered this site, it reminded me of the little bee-costumed girl in that Blind Mellon video. I think I felt just like her when she discovered the other bees.:lol:
  7. Awww Buttery - :cyberhug! That's an adorable analogy!
    I saw them in concert w/ Lenny Kravitz :drool BTW!
  8. I so agree. *Hugs* to all!

  9. lmao! That is so cute :lol:

    I feel the same way. I'm so glad I found a community of crazy bag addicts, just like me :nuts: I have enjoyed getting to know you all :love:
  10. Yes, PF is a purse heaven .... I come here everytime in need of purse therapy. Love all the purses and happy that so many of us are passionate about our bags !! :nuts:
  11. ditto .... thought my situation was unique ... lol
  12. That's funny :biggrin: ..... my husband asks me, "Are you purse blogging?":P
  13. i also catch myself trying to talk to friends like they're you guys. like i was at target and said 'eww, gross inspired paddington!' to a friend of mine.

    sadly, she looked at me like a had four heads. they just don't get the lingo or anything!

    i don't really talk about it to them...i've gone so far as to tell them that a bag is FAKE when they ask just so they'll stop hounding me about how much it costs.
  14. So true, none of my friends or hubby get the purse thing at all! It nice to have our obsession be complety normal here. You gals are all so great and I have learned so much. The only bad thing is now I also want so many more bags!!!
  15. When I first joined my post stated "no one will understand me the way you do!" how true is that:love: