I'm soooo mad!

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  1. Ok-so I know I just posted a thread about getting some new bags. A few minutes later, I was admiring my NEW (like 3 weeks old) mono speedy 25 and noticed a crack/peeling of the red vachetta around the brass handle of my speedy. I am soo mad that this would happen after 3 weeks of owning my speedy. I also noticed fraying of the yellow thread in the same area. I tried to take a pic, but it is coming out blurry :sad:

    I called the local LV boutique and they said to bring it in. I just know that they will probably tell me that it is normal wear and tear, but after 3 weeks? It is a small crack but I am sure it will get bigger over time.

    Should I take it in? If they are nice, would they give me a brand new one? Or even better a store credit and I could upgrade to something else.

    Has this happened to anyone?

    I am sad :sad:
  2. I would take it back and have them look at it. Sorry this happened, but I'm sure they will help you.
  3. It can't hurt to take it back to see what they say. I think they will give you a new one given it was only 3 weeks.
  4. i would defintely take it back:tup:
  5. Yes take it back and let them look at it.
  6. take it back for sure!! They should give you a new one if that is what you want.
  7. I am going to go home after work today and pick up the receipt and keys. I will take it back and see what they say. I am so unsure of what I want. It took me sooo long to decide on the mono speedy 25. I will admit though that after using it for 3 weeks, I kind of want the 30 for the extra room. I get soo lost in the LV store. I just don't want to get there and be disappointed if they say that there is nothing they can do. Or get there and get a store credit or the option for a new one and not know what to do. I am very indecisive and this experience has made me question the quality of LV altogether :sad:
  8. even if they argue its normal wear, take your receipt and throw a fit!!!
  9. not sure if i can throw a fit. they are pretty snooty here in houston and other than the neiman store, this is the only place you can get lv from the boutique :sad:
  10. I believe LV has a warranty against things like this for the first year. They will most likely either offer you a replacement or send it off for repair at no charge to you. Try to stay calm and work thru it with them. I know it's upsetting but I'm sure you will end being more than happy in the end.
  11. great advice
  12. have you gotten back from the stroe yet? i want to know the outcome??? i hope everythign went the ay you wanted it to!
  13. I will go at 6:30 and let you know what happens. Thanks for all of the support!
  14. I'm sure they will replace it for you... it has only been 3 weeks and there is no other show of wear and tear other than the things you mentioned.. right? It shouldn't be a problem. Good luck and keep us posted :smile:
  15. I hope you can get an exchange! good luck!