I'm Soooo Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ^^^Thanks, I think I'll need it.
  2. that sucks, i'm so sorry!
  3. Just call your cc company or your bank or paypal to stop the payment NOW (if it has not yet processed) and you deal the rest of it later. As long as they stop the payment, then you are safe. If you call up your cc right away, they will do that for you right away either that, they will put the payment in pending until you're settle the matter. If you use paypay, you can stop the payment from the cc that tied to paypal. If it's charged already, you need to work with your cc and stated that it's a fraud and they will return the money, it's a little hassle, but at least you have your money back. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  4. I am not an expert, but I own a Pink PST I got from NM. I don't think the ebay one is authentic. The one I have, the lining inside the bag is pink too, it's not beige. Unless they make them in different colors... which doesn't make sense to me. Anyways, hope you get your money back and be careful about the one listed on ebay.
  5. I'm sorry to hear this! If the first pic was stolen from an ebay seller, better not trust this seller! One is enough!
  6. That's so illegal!!
    Makes you wonder about EVERYTHING on that website.
    There's a place where you report online scams such as this.
    I need to post a link...or it may be in the EBAY forum...
  7. I know what you mean about wondering about the actual site. I was going to start a thread about "watching what you buy from eCrater" but I didn't because I figured no one else would be dumb enough to believe they could get a real Chanel for $260 like I am...:noggin:
  8. So you don't even think the one from eBay is authentic???:wtf:Someone paid $899.99 for it....they are worse off than me!! That's terrible! Well, I will have an authentic Chanel bag someday, and I WILL NOT be buying it online, I will go to an actual boutique and buy it.
  9. I honestly don't think Chanel will make the same bag with linings in different colors; you know what I mean? It should all be pretty standardized. Thank God you weren't the one paying 899.99.
  10. ^wow!i sont pay attention that much into the lining..
    but my black PST has black lining..

    and 899 isnt that much discount actually...
    if you buy from the boutique i believe it is $1,150 before tax..
  11. Then I guess the lining must be matching the bag's color. My PST is pink and the lining is pink. But the one from ebay is pink but with a beige lining???!!!
  12. PST's from older series have beige interior lining.
    A friend of mine has a white PST from the 8 series and it has a beige lining.
  13. Interesting....that is why I will, from now on, not buy anything used at such high prices. I will go to a boutique for Chanel
  14. Okay....so you all remember how I told you that this lady sold me a "Chanel" bag and it was supposed to be real and blah blah....well, I called paypal a bit ago, and they are "investigating" our transaction. Anyway, so she accidently sent me TWO bags....both VERY fake....and I emailed her to ask her her address (because the return address on the box was in Chinese) so I could send her the bags back and get the money back...and she has never gotten back to me yet. But hopefully paypal will come through. I could post pics, but I am warning you, they are FAKES and I dunno if I am allowed to post them, even if it is just to update my bad experience....but you can imagine.....blah.
  15. ^ Oh sweetie this is awful!! I hope you get your money back!!