I'm Soooo Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I hate scammers!! I really hope you get your money back quickly and without any problems!
  2. ugh, I hope you get your money back! Keep us updated!
  3. sorry to hear that.
  4. *gives you a big huggle*

    I'm sure karma will get this person(s) right where it hurts eventually ;)
  5. i went to this website and could recognized the pics of items i was watching in ebay.
  6. wow.. I have seen a lot of bags on ecrater too. That sucks that she did that to you.. Thats why she always watermark our photos- I still dont cause I don't know how..I hope you recover your money, and it u don't the one good thing is that 245.00 is alot but not compared to 899 or 1000.00
  7. sorry to hear....hope you get your money back soon
  8. Ugh sorry to hear about this. I hope you get your money back without any problems, and also that you get a great deal on that bag at a later date!
  9. This is the new pic of the bag she just sent me. It is a different picture. I don't know...did she steal this from somewhere also???
  10. Ooops...forgot the pic...

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  11. I hate scammers! I've had one close call, and ever since have been careful. With all the info available, I'm surprised scammers still get away with selling fakes.
  12. Am wondering in addition to watermarking photos to prevent stealing, is there something else buyers can do to narrow their chances of getting ripped off? Does it help to contact any seller, say with questions, just to get a response? Is there a way to get the scammers name, address so they can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission -- provided they're operating in the U.S.? The first step is to immediately contact the cc company. They all have fraud divisions now. Most if not all cards have fraud protection (that you may not even be aware of.)

    So sorry this happened to you. Thanks for alerting us and I hope the issue is resolved soon. Hang in there.
  13. Egads!!! So sorry you have to go through this! That's why it's sooooooooooo important to watermark pics!!!
  14. I did contact the original ebay seller of the bag, but I have yet to hear a response. In the lower right-hand corner, it is sort of "watermarked" with a little camera symbol. I've noticed that this seems to be on a lot of ebay pictures, so if you are ever on a site (that's not ebay) and a seller is using a pic with that symbol, then it is stolen. Even the second pic she sent me was stolen from ebay, if you'll notice, but I can't find the seller of the second pic. I guess it was a much older auction.

    Anyway, thanks for the support everyone!
  15. Keep us posted...the second bag looks a bit different to the first set you showed us..normall CC companies can do a cahrge back but it may take a while of processing time etc..good luck!!