I'm Soooo Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I dunno, I think it's because they are so sought after. I asked the seller to send me pics, and she said she would, but never did. As soon as my fiance gets home, I'm telling him to have the payment stopped.
  2. Sorry this happened, hope you get your money back!
  3. Thanks everyone for your kind responses and help. I hope to get it straightened out.
  4. That's awful! I hate scammers so much. Keep your chin up and keep us updated... good luck!
  5. i hope everything will be ok for you.
  6. That is horrible :cursing:- I hope you get your $$$$ back.

    This is the reason I have not tried to buy any purses on ebay or likewise...too worried I will get a fake. I guess I would rather spend more $$$$ and know it is 100% real from a Chanel boutique or NM, than invest a portion of that money in a possible fake.

    I do understand there are some very nice tpf'ers who do sell real Chanels and other items online and hope one day to get to know them and get more comfortable with the idea.

    But for now...I am a chicken.

    Hope it all works out.:smile:
  7. ^^Thank you!!

    Thanks everyone!!!! I hope it works out too.
  8. So sorry to hear this happened to you...I'm sure things will work out though. My fingers are crossed for you...good luck!!! :yes:
  9. im so sorry...
    hope u get ur money back!i doubt it that it was the same seller..
    good luck
  10. That is awful. Too bad the E-bay person did not watermark their pics.
  11. I know. I am going to notify her right now that her pictures are being used to sell fakes. The saddest thing is, the real one that she was selling went for only 899.99, which isn't too bad. I wish I would have made that auction.
  12. I hope everything goes ok for you.
  13. Sorry to hear....paypal should refund, although if its with cash, it will take a while to get it back. The fastest way is direct through your credit card if you paid with a cc. Good luck!
  14. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that! I hope you will get your $$$ back soon!
  15. That would be great!! I'm living in Europe and over here it's not so easy to get your money back through the cc company.
    I really hope you will get your money back soon and that you can put this ugly experience behind you.

    Especially with your wedding day coming up, that's a beautiful day to look forward too :yahoo: