I'm Soooo Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!

    I can't believe this just happened to me!!!!!!! :mad:I just bought a Chanel Pink PST on eCrater.com, and thanks to a wonderful tPF member, beautilicious, I found out that the picture that the seller was using was STOLEN FROM AN EBAY SELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! I just want to cry:crybaby:

    WHAT A :censor:!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you beautilicious, for being so kind and telling me the truth!!!
  2. OMG :wtf: can you cancel?
  3. i dunno how!! I'm trying to reach PayPal to see if I can. I dunno what I was thinking... WHY would I think I could EVER get a Chanel bag for this cheap???????? STUPID ME!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry! Scammers are the worst! They should be banished to Mars or something! I wish you could get your money back!
  5. Sorry you've been scammed hun, hope you can get it sorted really quickly.
  6. OMG that's horrible

    did u pay with a credit card on paypal or bank?

    CC - call ur cc company and ask them you want to cancel the transaction due to fraud

    Bank - see if they can stop payment NOW
  7. omgod i'm so sorry this happened to you! please keep us updated!
  8. AHH! I hope it all works out, please make sure to keep us update! Call your credit card company to cancel!!
  9. That is terrible! I hope you can get it all sorted out. Did it specify that it was authentic?
  10. yes, it specified it was authentic...but the picture was stolen from ebay. I just contacted the seller, and they said that they were also the seller on ebay, which I don't believe. I can't contact the ebay seller to ask her whether she is selling more than one or not, because have not been an ebay member for more than 3 days. I tried to contact her, but it said I had to be a member, so I signed up, and wrote an email, and I got a message saying that I can't contact other members until I have been a member for more than 3 days. My fiance has an account w/ ebay (we always use that one). When he comes home tonight, I will make him log on and then we can contact the other seller and alert her that her pics are being stolen.

    As far as getting my money back, my dad said just to call the cc company and they will put the money back on the card, and the seller will have to pay them back a pay-back fee. Hope this works!!!
  11. I can't believe this scam actually worked on me!!! I'm sooo stupid!!!! argh....
  12. They even copied the ebay description! :rant:

    I do hope you get your money back quickly; keep us posted!
  13. oh, no! That totally sucks. And it's a beautiful bag too. You should definitely get your $ back I would think since it's an obvious scam.
  14. So sorry to hear this....

    Why is it always with the CC bags that we get scammed? :shrugs: