I'm soooo excited!!!

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  1. I just found out I will be going to NYC this spring for a girls 4-day weekend :yahoo: It's been 4 years since we've done this and I can't wait! Now that I have discovered my love for Coach, I will have to visit a few of the Coach boutiques while I'm there. We will be staying in Times Square (as usual) so we will be close to everything! If any of you who are familiar with NYC could let me know which stores would be closest to Times Square, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!
  2. I'd like to know as well... I am hoping to spend a weekend in NYC over Memorial Day... and would LOVE to visit the Boutiques.....
  3. I was in NYC over Christmas and was lucky enough to see the new floorset that they put out on 12/26 at the Flagship store. The Flagship store is on Madison Ave - I think it is 595 Madison - you can look it up on the coach website for the exact address. There are lots of stores in the area - one at Rockefeller Center, one in the Time Warner building and then another one on Madison Avenue as well. Of course, make sure you hop into a cab and have them take you to the Bleecker Street boutique. It is a fun place to see and kindof blends into the neighborhood there, so you have to look carefully for it. Also, on another note, if you want great NY style pizza, there is a place called John's on Bleeker street and also in Times Square that is to die for! What a great Christmas it was! :smile: Oh, also, check out the Macys as they had a lot of different items there in Coach than I have ever seen in my local Macy's!
  4. Anything in Manhattan is really a short walk and a subway ride away. Definitely hit the flagship store, and bleeker street if you have time.