I'm sooo schocked and happy!

  1. So, in my last post I posted a pic of my speedy tab (inside) coming aparthttp://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/speddy-owners-please-help-pics-117321.html. I debated whether to let it grow on me or exchange it. After reading everyones advice there was no way I could live w/it, so I called elux and explained my situation. Right away she told me I could return/exchange it! I was sooo beyond happy to hear that! I'm going to Vegas in 3 weeks and NYC in 2 months and I think it would be easier to have a shoulder bag so now I'm debating between the batignolles vertical or the batignolles horizontal. i dont have a store nearby to try them on and I want to exhange it this week when I send my speedy back to have new one in time for Vegas! HELP! I read so much on the bh but still unsure. I like long/wide bags so HELP! I'm 5ft 100lbs
  2. I think the BH would be perfect on you! I love the BH, it works for practically everyone.

    Oh and glad you could exchange your speedy!
  3. thats great news. well, imo, IF you can wait till you get to sin city, why dont you just get your purse then. it will be fun seeing all the purses IRL. there are 5 LV boutiques in vegas, im sure you will have a wonderful time picking out your purse. also, you get to take home "something" from your trip. but then again, if you really want another one right away, i would suggest the BH. good luck.
  4. from what I've read from people's recommendations--- since you're an enormous 5ft ;) the horizontal is the bag to choose.

    but I'd choose the vertical- I love bags I have to reach half my arm in to-

    off topic- which reminds me of that game on PRICE IS RIGHT! where they pull out _______ from a bag--what the heck were they?! coins or something?

    anyways- my opinion and recommendation is also the horizontal!
  5. I'm in the minority here with my BV preference- I love it's shape and rarity :yes:
  6. I really like BH! It's longer than the BV, and the opening at the top is wider/easier to get into. It's a lot of bag for the money! You should get it! :nuts:
  7. Thank goodness. I'm so happy for you:yahoo:
  8. tnx guys! yea, i thought about waiting til i got to vegas but i really cant torture myself that way! im awful w/waiting for things i really want:sad:
    will def post pics when i get my new purse in few weeks! will it be the bv, bh, or something else!? lol
  9. I like th BH over the vertical too!
  10. Bv!!!
  11. Definitely BV for your frame. I think the BH will overwhelm you. I have a BV and I love it! BTW, i am 5'3 100 lbs
  12. I prefer BH- but BV would also be cute I bet. Let us know what you decide. Congrats on getting the exchange!
  13. great news.
  14. BV for your height and frame.
  15. Congrats! That's great news!