I'm Sooo Sad..........

  1. I recieved my coach bag in the mail today from the repair center in jacksonville florida and they were unable to do my repair on my beige pebbled hobo because the bag needs to be reconstructed:crybaby: now what do I do now any suggestions?
  2. did they at least offer a discount towards a new bag?
  3. nope........nada
  4. hmm.
    i thought they always did if a bag couldn't be repaired.
    oh well. nothing you can do now but find a new bag.
  5. I like the white hobo bag from the soho collection
  6. They only offer that if you don't get your bag back :/

    To the OP: What happened with your bag?

  7. oh yeah, that's right.
    stupid me.
  8. That's too bad! They should atleast give you a coupon!