im sooo in love....

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  1. with my violet twiggy!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    It is my first ever bbag and i love it....the colour, the leather, the lightness...everything!! the colour goes with everything and stands out against my clothes. i cant help but stare at it when we are out together and glancing at the shop windows so i can see the bag...pathetic i know :shame: but its just sooo yummy!!! i have to say it wont be my last....i think my next one will be a city...the twiggy is a nice size but a wee bit small for me.

    Im a wee bit gutted that some of the tassels are starting to split...

    I bought it on and i found the service excellent, will defo buy from them again!

    here are some pics !!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Can't see the pics though? Please post them!! :tup:
  3. with my new violet!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    This is my first bbag and its absolutely gorgeus! i :heart: everything about it - colour, style and lightness of the bag! i am a fan of chloe and its so refreshing to have a bag that is light before you stuff it! This definately wont be my last...already want a list will go on..

    the only thing im a wee bit gutted about is that some of the tassels have started to split and i only used it like 3 times for a couple of hours...does that bug u? or you think that adds more character to the bag?

    I bought this bag from and i have to say the service was great! i got this bag 4 days after ordering! i will definately buy from them again

    Anyhoo... some pics of the bag! :yes:

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  4. Congratulations! It looks great on you. The leather looks wonderful too, just enough distressing. I bought from diabro too and also had a great experience.
  5. Gorgeous bag! Congrats......I'm sure it will not be your last Bbag! I had some tassels split on my 06 truffle city. I bought some leather glue and carefully glued them back together. They were a little stiff at first, but they seem to be getting better.
  6. Yummmm! violet twiggy! What a way to start ur bbag collection! I love both the twiggy and the city styles! The work is also fabulous as it holds a lot more... than a city or twiggy.
  7. oohh..i will defo try that! thanks!
  8. ooh i just realised that i posted 2 threads by accident! is there anyway i can delete the other one?

    Can one of the mods delete the other one?

  9. Pekie: Diabro carried violet? you lucky gal... It looks great on you. Big Congratz! And from what I can see, Diabro's prices are great too. They usually charge slightly lower than retail, right? Some of the other places I looked actually charged more than retail.
  10. Yeh they did, last week i bought it! they had the city and the twiggy violet but when i went back on after i bought it they were gone! so im glad i bought it then..i seen some on ebay and they were expensive! im new to bbags but from what i read they charge slightly lower..!
  11. Wow gorgeous Violet in the TWIGGY!! This is one of my HG bags!! Such a fabulous colour! You look great modelling it for us!
  12. The bag looks great on you, and the leather is just the way I love it. I haven't seen a violet bag yet that had less than great leather. Congrats on this great bag :tup:.

    And the color does seem to go with everything :yes:.
  13. thanks guys! im glad the bag suits me :woot:
    i find the leather really soft but its thin..well when i compare it to the chloe's leather but i guess thats why its so light?
  14. Compared to Chloe leather, it is thin. But then Chloe bags can be a bit on the weighty side. I have several Chloe bags, and I do love them, but it's nice to have an all leather bag that's light weight, and comes in cool colors too!
  15. SO NICE! I love the twiggy style and violet is such a beautiful color. Congratulations on your beautiful bag!