I'm sooo happy! I FINALLY picked what I want and I can relax now! Black GGH Day!!

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  1. A few weeks ago I had bought the Black GGH Day and I was so sad about the leather. It was thin and veiny and very marbly. So I returned it and got off of that color combo thinking I wanted something else. The truth is though that I really adored that bag if it wasn't for the bad leather. So today I went back to Barneys to return the Plomb Brief I had gotten from the Chicago Barneys and I found another Black GGH Day there, but this time in thick, nice, beautiful leather! I am so excited. I bought it and now I am done! I made my decision. I personally love the gold and black together and yeah, I'm very happy! :yahoo: What do you think? It also looks fab with my Tomato coin purse inside :p

  2. oh wow its gorgeous! I've seen the black day with GGH in real life and its stunning. I'm glad you got the leather this time that you really wanted.
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
    So glad you found one that you are happy with :tup:
  4. It's beautiful, excellent choice!!!
  5. I think you made the right choice- it's perfect, & it looks great on you!
  6. CONGRATS!!! finally you got what you want with the perfect leather! so happy for you!:yes:... so whats your next target??? :graucho:
  7. I'm glad you were able to find the bag/leather combo that you wanted. Congrats...she's a beauty :smile:
  8. Wow, that's one rockin' bag, it looks amazing on you!
  9. I am sooooo happy for you!!!! I know you've been trying to find "the one" for a while now. Congrat.'s!!!!!!!:tup:
  10. Congrats! It looks yummy!!! Off topic but did you notice any men's bags at the BH Barney's?
  11. Thanks for all the nice complements!!!

    And Mr Posh Spice, I don't think they sell men's Balenciaga in that area. It's just women's purses.
  12. That's one beautiful bag! Looks great on you!
  13. AhhHH... the relaxed feeling after the bBag hunt. Congrats!! :beach:
  14. Oh my:biggrin: Its beautiful: )
  15. very nice, the ggh looks great.