I'm SOOO excited! My Navy Patent Ergo Satchel is on Fed Ex for Delivery!!

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  1. ^^^LOL ash... I wish I could leave work early... I'll be home probably around 5:30pm central time... I'm also picking up dinner, so there might be more of a lag time... sorry! a girls gotta eat too! ;)
  2. I am waiting patiently :angel:
  3. woot woot, my bag is at the COACH store, too bad its so far from my work... now I'll be patiently waiting to get off of work! :girlsigh:
  4. Woo hoo - so excited for you. Mine came a day early too, I love when that happens. Cant wait to see your pictures!!
  5. :woohoo:Can't wait to see pics! Hope that traffic doesn't get in the way of your dash to the Coach store!
  6. :popcorn:

    Ok so I am going to subscribe, I need to see this bag!!! I have seen the ones in pink, but not the navy
  7. O I hope not!! Ok, so only a few more hours to go! :whistle:
  8. I have an idea! Maybe you are coming down with something and need to leave right away and go get it!!!! *wink wink* LOL!!! Or has it not been delivered to the store yet? HAHA!!!!

    Nevermind, I see it HAS been delivered. Fake sick!!!!!!! LOLOL! I'm terrible about waiting...
  9. ^^^LOL... denverjenny, your too funny! :lol: I'll be leaving work in like an hour and a half, so I'm getting closer!
  10. Oh man! I am going to work in an hour! I have to wait until tonight!!! There better be a TON of pics....or else...lol jk!
  11. Ok good!!!! This is cutting it close though....because I am going to the store to order mine at around 3:30 mountain time.....so I will probably have mine ordered before I see yours so IT BETTER BE GOOD! HAHA!!!!!! :wlae:
  12. ^^^LMAO... Ok, I'll try and make it as good as possible! LOL... I hope I like it too, otherwise its goin back!
  13. Can't wait!!! Blue is my fAV color :smile:
  14. LOL... is that a threat ash? LOL... no there will be a ton of pics... well maybe...? I'm not sure all of you really want to see this bag....:graucho::lol:
  15. Ooooo...so exciting!! I'm thrilled to be seeing these new colors! I hope it's exactly what you're looking for, and please don't keep us waiting too long for pics (eat FAST!!). ;)