I'm SOOO excited! My Navy Patent Ergo Satchel is on Fed Ex for Delivery!!

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  1. Well as many of you are anxiously waiting... my navy patent satchel is arriving a day early!! I'll be picking it up after work today, so there should be pics up of this gorgeous bag (hopefully I'll love it)... around later this afternoon... so don't miss the reveal!! yeah I know I had to post this early to get all of you waiting the whole day!
  2. Yay!!! Thats so exciting!!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!! Congrats!
  3. Yay! Can't wait to see pics later!
  4. :yay: cant wait to see this color!!
  5. congrats...
    I will be surprised if I even get mine tomorrow because it still says left JAX 6:43pm on FedEx and there has been NO activity since Friday.
  6. yeah I know how that is coachfreak... I hate when there is no activity and it just sits there... thats why I check mine daily! LOL:lol:
  7. See... I knew I wasn't the only nut out there!

    :popcorn: :drool:
  8. Congrats! Yay for pics!
  9. I can't wait to see pics!
  10. ^^^LOL
  11. OMG!!!!! YAY!!!! I KNEW it would come a day early!!!! I cannot WAIT to see it! I am ordering the navy today so while I wait, I can live vicariously through you!!! :girlsigh:
  12. I cant wait to see your pics!
  13. I didn't buy one nor plan to anytime soon but I still can't wait to see your purse revealed! Navy would have been the color I would have picked I think.
  14. I was hoping yours would come a day early. I am thinking of ordering this color with my credit but I was waiting to see yours. What time will you be home!?!?! Leave work early!!! lol
  15. Can't wait to see the pics - I love this color!!