I'm sooo dissappointed about the F06 bags

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  1. I went into the only shop here in Munich who sell Balenciaga and they had quite a few:
    City: grenat, sapin, truffles
    purse:truffles, sapin,
    weekender: ink, caramel
    work: ink
    I'm sooo disapointed about the greant city because the leather was very shiny and marbeld, the tassle sides weren't coated so they are white which didn't look good IMO and there were areas where the glue leaked onto the bag. The handles were mad of 2 different looking leathers.:crybaby:
    All others did more or less have the same problem except the sapin purse which had very nice mat and thicker leather but unfortunately I really don't like green.
    I actually think that I'll pass this time and buy another designer bag instead probably LV.
    I do have quality issues with both 06 spring bags: the ink city has two loose stitches on each handle which will need repair in the near future and my cornflower first does have the coating coming of at some parts and the leather splits.
    So all that puts me of buying another one. I do love the styles and the look but the quality isn't what I expect for 1k bag.:rant:
    thanks for listening, girls and I hope that you don't have the same problems.
  2. Ugh, that doesn't sound good.. Thanks for letting us know about your experience, Tanja. With your Cornflower First, what do u mean there's some coating coming off? As in the bag is flaking?:shocked:
  3. It#s the coating around the edges which is peeling off and which attaches the different leather layers together or it looks like it and there for the lether fringes on some parts. I repaired it myself with clear nail polish but I'm not sure how long this will last.
  4. Awwww.......sorry Tanja. Maybe you'll have better luck with your search at Bal NY?

    I had a little bit of clear coating peel off my black city near the rivets - is this what's happened to your cornflower?
  5. oh just out of curiousity is it still theresa(sp) who sells them esclusively :flowers:
  6. Could you maybe try a different retailer? It might cost a bit more in terms of shipping, but I agree that $1K is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a bag with quality issues. Maybe the retailer has a bad batch?
  7. Yes cal that#s what happens to my first.
    It's still theresa who sell Balenciagas in Munich and they don't offer the best service. They really try to push you into purchasing a bag there and that#s what I don't like especially when the quality of their bags is crappy. That's why I didn't buy my B-bags there I ordered one from Eickhoff in Düsseldorf and the other through ebay (Harvey Nichols). I do have the receipts for them so that the repairs will go under manufactures warranty.
    I'm not sure may be it's me being to anal about it but I like getting good quality for good money. May be I just have to learn to live with things like this that I don't pay for quality, I pay for the desingers name.
    What bugs me is that I just love the styles and the leather softness so much that it's hard for me not extending my b-bag collection.
  8. I haven't bought a bag from Theresa but have bought clothing off their website and had fabulous service (inc. getting a €50 refund as the shoes I bought went on sale a few days later).

    Loads of bags are having quality control issues - it's way too much money to spend on something that is less than perfect. Glad you got to see them in person, it would be really sucky if you got a bag like that through the mail.

    You'll have loads of choices in NY!!!!
  9. Thanks Cal, I hope that too.
    At theresa the SA told me that the stitches on my city loosen because I put too much in it and because the goat leather is very thin(wallet, cosmetic pouch, little agenda, paperback book which is normally not in there) but IMO a bag must take my stuff without breaking. It's not really heavy. Thanks for the kind words ladies!!
    Does anybody have the same problems?
  10. gosh, Tanja, i'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry about your 2 s/s '06 b-bags :crybaby:
  11. Sorry to hear about your negative experiences...I wished I liked the fall bags less...
  12. I'll wait until to N.Y and see if they have better bags. May be it's just Europe???
    Thanks for your sympathy girls!!
  13. Tanja, when are you going to NY?
  14. I would guess it is not just Europe. I think we get a bit lucky when we receive a great bag sight unseen. I have seen very nice and not so nice truffe bags this season. The grenat bags I have seen were all quite nice, but others report an occasional "waxy, veiny" sighting. I think the blueberry also varies from bag to bag. So far, the most consistency seems to be with the sapin and the rouge.

    In this respect, Balenciaga actually does appear to be consistent in that texture, color, etc. vary from bag to bag...similar to previous seasons. The leather does seem to be a bit thicker than F05 and S06 bags in general.

    Hope you find a new b-bag (or other) to love! Hate that "handbag-deprived" feeling when I cannot locate a perfect match...
  15. I know Tanja!!! The bags they had here in Brussels were awfully disappointing too. Not to mention the rudest Shop owner on earth who told me "well, this what Balenciaga leather looks like, get used to it!"...

    By the way, could you tell the ignorant who told you that your bag was suffering from heavy use that goat leather is by definition the most resistant to pulling available? It is the only hire used to make bellows (see picture) because of the amount of pressure it can resist to without tearing.

    I hate ignorant SAs who pretend they have something to teach you! :lecture: