i'm sooo balenciaga lost these last few days...

  1. as you might know, the earthquake in taiwan has caused heavy internet trouble all over south east asia...:crybaby:
    i felt sooo lost adn lonely without you girls here, and i miss seeing all your b-bags and checking up b bags on eBay.

    thanks God, i finally can open this forum today, although still not as fast as it used to.

    but i'm soooo glad to see u girls in here again :yahoo:
  2. oh noooo glad you are okay and safe. and that you managed to get back on and connect with us. bbags to the rescue!:balloon:
  3. Glad that you are safe and back in the TPF fold!
  4. girls.... now i really understand the words, " you won't know how much you love something until you lost it"

    now i even more realized i love you all girls and this forum sooo much :love:
  5. Seahorseinstripes, I am glad that you're OK :heart: . Hope the New Year brings you health, happiness & whatever your heart desires .. say .. more B bags:greengrin:
  6. I am so glad that you are ok and back with us again.:heart: I heard the news on tv and i was so sad.:sad: I hope 2007 will be a better year for all of us.:love:
  7. I'm so glad everything is ok!! welcome back!
  8. awww Sea... hope the internet will be back and running normally soon!..

    Wow, must have been a big earthquake in Taiwan... I should call my family there... eek
  9. :heart: sooo glad you are ok sea :heart:
    I heard the news too :sad: :sad:
    wishing you all the best big hugs:heart: :heart:
  10. actually girls, i'm not in taiwan :p i'm in indonesia.
    from what i heard, it's a 7,2 earthquake and i don't think it hurts people, because all i can see in the news is all about the damaged on internet connection.
    eping, u should get a call to ur family, i hope everything's ok there...
  11. Ohh seahorse.....:wtf: I'm so glad you're safe and ok and back with us :heart: - I also heard the bad news, I'm so sorry what happened :sad: !!

    I wish you and all other PF-friends a healthy and very happy new year with all my best wishes for the 2007 :flowers: :love: ! HUGS :heart:
  12. ;)Aww, glad you are back hun!:heart::heart:
  13. awww first all the best for you too and for all PF-sisters/brothers :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Hi Seahorse!

    It was a strong earthquake with lots of damage, according to the news here, but very few deaths (maybe 2?). And of course, no tsunami, which was initially feared. The biggest damage was to the undersea data cables, affecting the Internet and your access to...tPF.

    But the B Bag bond is strong! We're here for you, whenever you can log on. And hopefully no one will post an eBay auction that you'd want until you have ready access again! At least, that's my New Year's wish for you. :smile:
  15. Welcome back, Seahorsey!!! the forum just isn't as good without you :heart: