I'm sooo bad...

  1. [​IMG]
    I went and found this on bluefly and I figured it'll go good with my new medium chain horsebit hobo, I didn't really want to get another monogram french wallet since I have one in the white trim already.
  2. Sooooo cute!!! i saw a mono black gucci 4 key ring last night on bluefly. I was soooooo close to buying it.. hehe. maybe someone here can get it. Congrats on your buy!!!
  3. Yeah, BAD BAD BAD! I told you Gucci is BAD for your bank account!

    Congrats! I think it is very cute!
  4. Yeah I saw that...you should get it or someone should! I also saw an expanding wallet in the monogram with white trim on Saturday, resisted from buying it and it was gone in seconds! They have a real cute black guccisma trim cosmetic bag too right now. Kinda wished they had this wallet on Saturday (was only available in black at the time) when I bought the passport holder so I would have 1 single order instead of paying for shipping twice, oh well.

    Yes beejerry, Gucci is very bad for the wallet...now I've got no money to put it them haha.
  5. HA HA! My Gucci wallet holds a few bucks, that's all ;)
  6. i like it..very classic
  7. Really cute, congrats! Gucci, or rather TPF is horrible on my wallet! :lol: