I'm SOO sad!!

  1. I've been watching the cream color softy fariday hobo at Bergdorf Goodman...but when I went on to look at it again it was gone!!! grrr...I don't know why I was waiting!! :crybaby:That was the only place online where I saw it instock too.

    Have anyone seen where I can get a cream color softy fariah hobo??

  2. Can you post a photo of the bag? ;) It might be easier this way.
  3. I'm sorry! Posting a pic will definitely help!
  4. Thanks to everyone for their responses but I FOUND ONE bag today at Nordstroms!! This what it looks like..[​IMG]
    What do you guys think?? :graucho:
  5. That is super cute!
  6. I like it! The white and gold hardware are so pretty together. Let us know if you get it!
  7. Oh, I really like it! :love: This looks PERFECT for spring/summer!! :nuts:
  8. sorry, i think it has alot going on zipper/buckle wise.
  9. IMO, i think the style is a bit bohemian with the pockets/buckle thingy going on. I tried the Chalk -white one before, and find it is heavy. And, white is kind of hard to maintain too. :yes:

    I prefer the Chicory colour :

    And, actually i prefer the previous season's softy faridah than the current season one.
    This is the previous season's softy faridah:

  10. I bought the chicory from BG and am sorry to say that I was disappointed. I had been so excited about this bag because it combined all my loves - brownish, lots of external pockets, squishy leather, and great MJ style. The style of the bag is nice, but the color was a little too terra cotta clay for me, and the quality of the leather was disappointing. The surface of the leather scratched off in a small spot on the side of the bag, probably from packing, and it just showed how flimsy and delicate the leather was. I know this is the softy style, but I have other squish bags with better quality leather. The bag was also heavier than I expected after having read that MbMJ is lighter than MJ. Besides, I paid less than $500 for my Stella which is of exceptional quality. I can't justify $400 for this one. Back she goes.
  11. I do agree that this bag is heavy. It is empty with just tissue inside and yet it weigh more than my Softy Carryall with my daily stuffs inside. But the size of this bag is slightly bigger than the Softy Carryall, maybe that's why it is heavier?:sweatdrop:

  12. Well I actually did get the bag..I wanted it for spring/summer but you guys are right its super big and heavy..I don't know what to do..

    SHOULD I KEEP IT OR NOT?? :shrugs:
  13. IMO if you're not happy with the bag you should send it back.
  14. If you like it, just keep it. I like the size just find it is really heavy, even when its empty. But i will keep it if i really adore the bag. ;)