i'm soo sad...

  1. :sad: ugh..so I've been waiting for my ludlow to arrive and it finally did yesterday!! except I'm not in love with it! I think I'm into cles more...lol. The only part I like about the ludlow is the snap part where you can put bills and coins in it. it's a lot easier to see your coins than in a cles. I didn't plan to use it as my main wallet just something to put coins/bills/cc in that I use on a daily basis...i dunno..maybe it's buyer's remorse..maybe I just gotta get used to it (cuz I kinda got attached to my damier cles..lol). *sigh*
  2. Sorry, sweetie. :sad: Where did you buy it from? If you got it direct from elux/the boutique, maybe you can return/exchange it? If you got it secondhand, maybe you can sell it...?

    Wait it off a while...sometimes it takes me a while until I completely love something, esp. if I haven't handled it before buying. If you don't like it, you don't have to keep it. ;)
  3. thanks bernz! yeah I got it secondhand, but it's like pristine! don't think it was used at all!!!

    I'll for sure sleep on it...I like that it fits my smaller bags too....I hope you're right...that it'll grow on me!
  4. Jill, it's a great little wallet for your pochettes. Like clubbing?
  5. No prob! I've actually considered getting this or the billfold...I need a tiny wallet that will fit inside the zipped pocket of my petit bucket.

    I think a tiny wallet will benefit you more than you think! :yes:
  6. you just need to get used to it. and who can say no to extra storage space?
  7. thanks pinki and christi (that rhymed..lol)..it may be just a shock from a big to a small wallet..but the more I look at it and play with it is kinda growing on me!

    bernz - i hope you're right....and I think you ARE right too. lol.
  8. Aww, don't worry, you'll grow to love it! I like the fact that it's really compact :yes: If you still don't warm up to it, you can always sell it ;)
  9. Aww I'm sorry, I know what you mean though. I love my Bronze vernis one but I rarely ever use it because it's so small. I won't ever get rid of it though because my parents got it for me for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago.
  10. oh give that ludlow sometime to grow on you, seems like you've never use one before, so it's hard to you don't like it w/o give it some try. hope you will love it as much as your damier cles :flowers:
  11. thanks everyone!!! I"m gonna keep playing with it and hope it will grow on me!