Im soo sad! I think I got the wrong bag yesterday!

  1. Hi girlies! Not normally on the dior forum but just need opinions!
    Well I went into the dior boutique yesterday to try and get a dummy and bottle for a friends baby. Anyway I just could not stop looking at the new romantique bags, the white and grey ones?
    Well the SA had a V strong accent and I thought that she said this one bag was £875, i thought, no thats too much money for what it is, so left upset and went to LV. There I got a damier marais.

    So im all happy until this morning and I check on the Dior website, the bag i fell in love with was £575 not £875!!!:crybaby: So now the bag I fell in love with is within my price range but i have my LV which I cannot get my money back from! Im sooo sad!!!:sad:
    Just wanted to share and see if you have any ideas, so I can get the dior bag!
  2. If you just bought your LV, you should be able to return it. My friend had bought a speedy 25 for her mom and kept it for 2 weeks then returned it & they gave her the $$ back.
  3. You should be able to get a refund, why not go back today & try, or you could call them & ask do they refund.
  4. I thought you could return within 28 days in the UK
  5. Luva hun they have to refund you the bag if you bring it back ! :cursing: and then you can run straight to Dior and get you your dream baby !:drool: good luck !:yahoo:
  6. would u wan to try out the dior bag first? if u like it, then return the LV bag.

    lots of hugs to u**
  7. Thats the problem, NO REFUNDS!!! only exchange or credit note!!!:crybaby: The thing thats worse is my bf said, if you like it why dont you get the dior one, I said no its too expensive, he said, no the SA said it was £575. So it was just me that heard wrong, and i was adament that she had said £875! x
  8. Well, eBay is another option, but I don't think you need to go thru all the trouble. I just don't believe that any LV is not allow for returns within # of days. It's worth to give it a try, go to LV and try to reason with them and return it, talk to the manager if you have to. I think you should buy something that you like, these bags are not cheap and you should make your money worth, beside the romantique bags is worth the trouble to return the lv for this bag, this bag is TDF. I saw it at the boutique and it's very beautiful!!!
  9. I know!!! its just soo pretty but on the receipt it clearly states no refunds only exchange within 14 days. I purchased a bracelet a few months ago, took it back the next day and only got a credit note so i know i have no chance of getting a refund, even though the manager is lovely! I think I will just have to wait a little and pout a bit to my bf!:queen:
  10. Ugh, I'm so sorry! I hate it when things like that happen! *hugs*

    Well, at least you have your next bag lined up on your wishlist! :yes:
  11. If you haven't touch the LV bag, it's unreasonable for them to not give you a refund especially you bought it within a day or two. That's just bad service. :cursing:

    File a charge back with your credit card company. This is ridiculous. Give that a try.:crybaby:
  12. I hope you get the dior luva pug! Maybe you can splurge a little and get the Dior too?? its so pretty! Or maybe one of your family/friends want to buy a bag? then you can give them the credit and have them give you the money to get the dior.
  13. Awww, you should be able to return the LV for the dior. I love LV, but admit that I have dipped into the dior pool. Try returning it and if that doesn't work, maybe like j'aime said- get both?

  14. plus they can have whatever they want on the receipt it is against the commercial law not to accept returns at all!!!
  15. ask them for refund as soon as possible, they should refund you if you're not too late.