I'm so0o indecisive-- help!!

  1. So, I've managed to locate a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and a Silver Miroir Pochette... but I can get only ONE (for now, of course). My problem: which one?!?!
  2. Damier Azur Speedy... only because I don't think Miroir is practical, but if you're a collector, then go for the miroir pochette
  3. Miroir pochette, that one's LE, and you can buy the Azur later.
    Like Cec said, it's not practical, but who says evening bags are practical???...Either way, I've used mine at least four times since I bought it mid December, and that's not too bad.
  4. Mirrior Pochette first. The Azur is a permanent line. You can get it later.
  5. Mirroir pochette!
  6. You're right, I think I will go for the Miroir Pochette....
  7. You need to get the pochette! lol! I love the Azur, but you can get that any time!
  8. miroir......its LE
  9. I agree with purchasing the miroir pochette:yes:
  10. Definitely miroir pochette! :yes:
  11. Miroir pochette - you could always get the azur later!
  12. The azur speedy! You can get more use out of it.
  13. I'm with Irissy, the damier azur speedy :yes:
  14. I think if you really really love the Miroir, that would be the only reason to consider that one; not whether it is LE (unless you are truly, truly a collector). I think you would get much more use out of the Azur Speedy, especially with spring and summer coming (and for years to come). I worry about the durability of the Miroir plastic too, and it holds so little. Kind of destroys the look a bit to put anything in it. Good luck deciding. It's always fun to have the choice!
  15. i agree completely!