I'm so worried: My package is being processed by customs in Italy

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  1. Long story short, I sold a Chanel bag to an Italian bidder who refused to cancel transaction two weeks ago. I shipped by usps express mail with full insurance. As I heard a lot of horror stories, but was forced to sell it to the buyer, otherwise I won't get back the final fee credit. I sold the bag for $620, and I bought insurance through usps and also through shipsurance.

    Right now, tracking says "being processed by customs", I'm so worried especially after hearing all the stories that it might not get there. Even though I bought double insurance, I'm still worried that I might not be able to claim it and that I'll lose both $620 and the bag :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Different countries have different times in customs. In australia one of my parcels took only 4 minutes in customs. But a bag I posted to the US spent 4 days in customs. They gave no reason for the hold up. It did get delivered safely.
  3. DOn't panic yet - Japanese customs (especially for Chanel bags) can take nearly two weeks. It's soooo frustrating!
  4. I would not worry yet....I know US customs holds packages forever, and I think that may be the case for Italy too,

  5. All international packages get "processed by customs" in one way or another. Sometimes its quick and sometimes not. Don't worry, this is normal.
  6. I agree with everyone already posted, you shouldn't worry yet, customs can vary in time.
  7. Too much stress and anxiety, my friend. There's no use in freaking out when the tracking shows that it is being processed. Why so much worry when you bought double (why double, BTW) insurance? IMO, if you were this anxious about the transaction, you might have been better off not sending the bag. Isn't it better to risk the FVFs than risk having a meltdown? That's just how I see it, but I understand that others don't share my view. Anyway, I think it's too early for :crybaby: and I hope that the package will clear customs without any problems :tup:
  8. Don't worry, every country is different and I'd say every day in customs is different too. You might get lucky some days and it goes through customs pretty quick and another day might just be very busy for the customs officers to go through everything so it takes a few days.
  9. Thanks so much for all of your comforting words. I guess after reading all the horror stories about shipping to Italy, and the horrible customs there that tossed out packages, I got freaked out. I guess I shouldn't be too worried now, and just wait and see what happens.
  10. keep us posted
  11. While I would normally say you were being paranoid, isn't there a ban on importing leather goods into Italy? I thought I read somewhere here on the forum that the goods may be confiscated and they aren't returned. Not trying to scare you, I just remember that somewhere there were postings about avoiding sales to Italy.

    Maybe someone who is actually in Italy can comment.

    You said the buyer refused to cancel, do you have bidder requirements that block bidders from countries you don't ship to?
  12. I have sent bags to Italy and although they do seem to take longer than other destinations they have always got through customs OK so I wouldn't worry!:tup:
  13. Italy is definitely a problematic destination for packages, and that increases the chances of something going wrong. But what's done is done--the package was sent. Now, I would just wait and see. No sense in getting upset before something happens IF it were to happen.

  14. Hello!!As you can see i'm from Italy and,even if i understand dealing with customs can be quite stressing,i honestly don't think there's anything to be worried about,especially since you insured your parcel and declared the real value of the item.I've dealed with them hundred times and i never ever had not delivered or lost items.Your buyer will have to pay about 20% of the declared value for import duties and will get her parcel in a few days :P Everything will work out fine,don't you worry!:tup:
  15. i went to italy for summer vacation last year & i ordered something online ( not from ebay tho) and it took about a month to arrive
    but it did arrive safely

    it might take a while with customs & all but i am sure your buyer will get it sooner or later ^^