I'm So Upset! =( My Shoe Is Gone =(

  1. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need some nude pumps! and not the ugly kinds w/ thick square heels...but CUTE ones, preferebly the OH DEER PRALINE TAUPE but for some reason sold out all of a sudden. i was just about to order it online today because i wasn't sure of the color and when i went to my bookmark what do i know! it's sold out so i'm very upset =( (i think the reason is b/c its featured in a magazine this month/week)

    i'm a size 5.5 and i've looked everywhere for about an hour online! eBay, google, yahoo search..Amazon..EVERWHERE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME FIND A SHOE LIKE THIS! I HAVE an event to go to where i need nude pumps!!!!

    thank you ladies for any of your help!



    oh yeah and i do not have the budget for CL's! =(

    thank you to anyone that can help!
  2. Do you know for sure that Oh Deer makes anything smaller than a 6? I am a size 5 and I've never been able to find anything smaller than a 6!
  3. I want the same shoe and cant find it :sad:
  4. thank you mooks...i saw this on eBay also! i hope they have a smaller size! =X
  5. good luck on your search. one of my good friends is the same size as you & I know how hard it can be to find cute shoes in your size.
  6. i found some!!! WOOHOO! i remember at aldo they had some taupe/camel colored pumps..but they said they were sold out EVERYWHERE but she was able to find one and get them shipped! WOOHOO! =) this will do since i did sell my CL camel decollete's..i've been searching ever since.!

    thank you all for your help!
  7. Well done!!!