I'm SO upset! My DH...

  1. just asked me how much my new Beverly clutch cost. When I told him, he went through the roof!
    (So far he's liked everything else I have, speedies, pochette, wallets). He just can't believe I spent that much money on:
    a. something so small I can't even put my wallet in it.
    b. something that's gonna scratch (he's talking about the big buckle in the front) the first couple times I use it.
    c. something so impractical.

    And he thinks I should take it back. He said for something to run around in (we all know when we want to use that small bag thing) and for the occasional wedding/party thing, I should get something else. But what? (I want to stick with mono).

    Do you all think he's right?
  2. ooo thats a tricky one, really if he understands your LV obs then he should come round to the idea. I say just use it ALL the time and say see, i can use it for everything!
    I wouldnt take it back, if you like it keep it, im sure your DH will agree with you within a few days x
  3. you should keep your back hun.

    i'm sure he would understand....in a few days time.
  4. ITA! if you want to keep it, use it all the time to prove it is useful. but maybe put a clear sticker on the buckle for the time being..
  5. I would just emphasize how much you love it and will use it. My hubby gets like this sometimes too (especially with LE items I don't use everyday) and then I always say 'Well I can always sell it on eBay and get my money back...can you do that with your XBOX or ATVS?" heehee
  6. ITA. And good one Twiggers!!!!

  7. ITA ^
  8. It depends on how YOU feel about it. Are you having second thoughts?
  9. I say keep it and use it as much as possible! And keep telling him how much YOU love it!!!

    My bf went crazy after I bought my Chanel agenda when I never ever used agenda in my life. He kept saying how irresponsible i was with my money and that I just wasted whatever I paid for it because I'd never use it. Well, guess what? I used it EVERY day since I bought it and he never said another word about it...Oh, well, I won! LOL
  10. I guess I am 'cause he put it in my head. Otherwise I wouldn't. But am I REALLY gonna use it a good bit? of the time? And how awful will it look if it gets totally scratched? I never had a buckle like that before. Another thing. I never knew Louie bags EVER came down. Then when the BHs did I was shocked. So in back of my mind, I'm like hmm, wonder if this'll come down. So now I'm so confused. I was just about to run up to LV and return it and thought I'd check in with my friends first. Now I'm just sitting here typing...
  11. I had a VERY similar experience when I got my pomme zippy wallet. But I just kept raving about how much I love it, and DH eventually liked it too. If you love it and it makes you happy, he'll see that and understand.
  12. Two sides to consider:

    I'm sure most of us have a little clutch or two that we don't use very often but do use them for special occasions. For me, it's the Mirroir Pochette, when I found out I probably wouldn't get it, I tried to tell myself that I won't be using it that often anyway, and I should save my money. But once I got it I fell in :heart: If you return it, you may regret it later.

    However, if you're having all these doubts now about using it...and you're paranoid that the buckle is going to get scratched, then you'll probably end up just putting it in your closet and not using it at all. I wouldn't worry about the price going down though...this is such a new item and I really doubt the price will go down anytime soon. The case of the BH, BV, etc, it was a rare occasion; I don't even expect it to happen to many items in the future.

    So, here are my viewpoints on both sides...good luck with your decision :smile:
  13. I say keep it! he will come around.
  14. I would keep it.

    Just wear it more than your husband thinks you will to show him that you DO wear all your LV items and that you don't just BUY, BUY, BUY cause you feel like it. :graucho:
  15. I side with your dh on this one. Return it and get a more practical one unless you LOVE it very much.