i'm so upset... could've got it... but..

  1. Well, I won a white FIRST, for a awesome price... the seller never contacted me...

    Last night a seller on ebay told me to check out her listing it was black first... I bidded & paid...

    Today was told that she can't ship to Canada... and wants me to cxl my payment... :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    ...... such a horrible feeling, knowing it's within' reach but NOPE, someone just takes it right back... :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I was all excited too... dreaming about a black first last night... haha.. Don't want to pay retail for one, so just searching for a used bag... it's actually quite hard to find a first/classique on ebay!!...

    Okay enough of my ranting :biggrin:
  2. oooh! that's too bad! keep trying- you'll find your bag!
  3. i hope so... *sob sob*

    nahh i KNOW i will :biggrin:
  4. did she disclose that she cant ship to Canada in the auction? i'm very sad you cant get your black first. that just means theres another waaaay better one waiting for you out there.
  5. NOPE she didn't... never said anything about unable to ship outside... but it didn't says it does either...

    YEP... wasn't meant to be... they'll be a better one *fingers crossed for me*
  6. Good luck with your search!
  7. Aww you'll find the *perfect* black first soon!
  8. Did you tell her you were a PFer? One reason people don't like to ship high end bags to Canada is the loss of seller protections. I say the same thing when I list high end bags. But, I've broken the rule for fellow PFers and your seller might feel more comfortable too if she knows that.
  9. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that.
    cross your finger :P you'll get your dream bag someday
  10. Ohh I'm so sorry too .... poor eping :crybaby: I know how you feel now :sad: - but don't be sad anymore, there will come another beautiful black first which is meant to be yours :yes: !! I'm pretty sure ;)
  11. what does it mean by loss of seller production though? sorry, i know it's a dumb question, but i know nth much about ebay and shipping.
  12. im sorry girl! that happens to me all the time on ebay haha, mostly that i will get outbidded in the last 5 seconds or something.. it makes me wanna cry!! Well goodluck with finding your dream bbag! I know you will find one!
  13. I'm sorry for you Eping...
    But I'm sure a black first is waiting for you somewhere !!!
    I wish you the best in your search !!!
  14. awww - that IS sucky when it's so close yet so far.. :sad: *hugs* I'm sure you'll find an even better one soon!!
  15. awww... what a nice see to see first thing!!... thanks ya'll!!

    I feel a little better today, because there TONS of bags out there aahhaha ^_^~" i'll find it... and WHEN i do i'll share my joy with ya!