I'm so UPSET, bought a FAKE CHANEL for $1,700 HELP!!

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  1. I already left feedback because I was soooo excited when it came. It is a very, very high quality knock off as I found out today at Neiman Marcus. I am so sick to my stomach, I want to throw up. I googled the seller and found out she's selling all sorts of bags like this on Ioffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her Ebay feedback was good and she had sold other Chanels, told me she bought them at Neiman Marcus when they were on sale, even said she had the receipt but didn't send it with the bag. She sent the dustbag, Auth. card and serial # inside....obviously all fake but very high quality. the leather even smells and feels good!
    OMG what do I do, please help. I paid with Paypal....never had this happen before!!!!!!!
    Here is the bag.....


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  2. First of all, so sorry to hear of your disappointment......but I think you should get it authenticated by the experts in the Chanel sub-forum -- http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-shopping/authenticate-chanel-please-read-rules-use-format-post-479010-104.html

    From the photos in the auction, that bag looks authentic to me, as does other items sold by that seller.....but I'm not an expert when it comes to Chanel......and again it's best for you to post in the Chanel sub-forum & check with the Chanel authenticators. It is no joke that tPF Chanel authenticators know more about Chanel than a lot of dept. stores' Chanel SA's (and some NM/Saks Chanel SA's are active tPF members too).
  3. Hi has the bag been authenticated on the Chanel Fourm? I dont know much about Chanel but are you sure this is fake? Maybe you should take some photos and post them on the Chanel Forum?

    The seller has over 3000 feedback and a member since 2002, alot of high end items with positive feedback.

    Have you tried emailling her to let her know if so what did she say?
  4. I can only assume the OP didn't authenticate the bag in the Chanel authentication forum, because she only has 1 post in TPF, I'm sorry she had a bad experience, I can't imagine how horrible it must be to pay 1,700 for a fake...
    I think she can claim that the bag wasn't what she wanted and return the bag and ask for a refund. I've had refunds through paypal several times.
  5. ^^Yes, take some pictures of the bag you received and post them in the Authenticate this Chanel thread - was it actually an SA at Neiman Marcus that told you it was fake, or did you compare it to a bag that was there? If it was an SA, do be aware that most of them have no idea what they're talking about...First post pics and let the ladies at Chanel give you their verdict. If the bag is deemed fake, then it will be easier to decide the next course of action....
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  6. Also, forgot to comment on the ioffer part -- are you sure that the ioffer seller is the same eBay seller you bought from? B/c ioffer listings often feature STOLEN photos of authentic items from ebay -- or even tPF.....some stolen photos still bear the original watermark belonging to the owner, yet the ioffer thieves/scammers still use it in their advertising. With Louboutin listings the ioffer sellers are relentless when it comes to stealing photos from ebay and tPF (some of us in The Glass Slipper shoe sub-forum have had our entire shoe collection photos originally posted in tPF and watermarked with our own names stolen and re-posted in ioffer "for sale" by the lot......it's absolutely ridiculous.....ioffer sellers obviously read tPF). Another possibility is some ioffer sellers assume the username of legit, reputable eBay sellers and try to use that stolen reputation to sell on ioffer. Thank God most people know that ioffer is a joke and buyers are not going to get what's actually pictured in their ads.
  7. I agree we cant advise OP until we are certain the bag is fake as its unfair on the seller.
  8. I would contact my cc and tell them the item is a fake upon closer inspection and that you are not happy with this.

    Let them duke it out with paypal. Try calling a paypal representative and explain
    that you left feedback and upon closer examination the item turns out not to be what it is. See how that goes.

    You may have to have someone authenticate the bag. I am not sure if Chanel will do that but caroldiva.com should be able to .
  9. Totally agree with other posters. You need to have it checked out with the authenticators at the authenticate this chanel link. Otherwise, you need to have caroldiva authenticate it for you.
    The bag could be a knock off or it could be entirely real and the person at the shop is giving you an entirely unauthorised opinion off the top of her head. Given the number of styles Chanel release, this could be possible. Or they could be right. Given that you seem to be new to Chanel, put it into the capable hands of the experts before you really panic.
    Hope it works out well.
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    Unless the seller did a bait and switch, I don't see nothing wrong with the bag. It is against department store policy (in this case Neimans) to physically authenticate bags so don't take what she said at this point as a definite answer.

    If this is the bag you received, do not put the seller through a paypal dispute. However, if this is not the bag you exactly got, look closely at the hologram sticker for differences, as well as all the other pictures, than definitely file a dispute.

    However, I recommend you take some pictures of the bag, and let someone over at the "Chanel authenticate this thread take a look". We have seen in the past many sellers with glowing feedback who end up switching up bags.
  11. I absolutely am not experienced with Chanel. But look at this seller's feedback. I quickly looked up her first two pages of feedback, and she has already sold the same bag, with the same serial number three times by using the same photos.




    What's the chance the same bag was sold three times and received three positive feedback?

    Yes, this seller has very high feedback (over 3000), but this seller is very suspicious to me.

  12. Uhh. Sorry handbag angel, I want to question this one..

    I looked closely at these links. Link one and 3 are identical and are to the same buyer. Link two, which was the earliest was to a 0 feedback bidder. So it is one bag, which was sold to a 0 bidder who didn't pay. Then it was resold to a bidder with 33 feedback. So nothing really suspicious on that count.

    As michelle said, OP needs to post in the authenticate this chanel link.
  13. UPDATE: She emailed me responses a dozen times today confirming this bag is real, faxed me the receipt and called and left me a voice mail. I am going back to NM today to try and figure this out with the receipt copy. She also gave me the name of the sales person at the store she deals with and said to call her or have my MN call her to verify.

    Regarding the post above me about the other Modern chain listed 3 times, I asked her about that and she said the first two were non-paying bidders, the third one bought it.
    I am taking pics now to post....
  14. ohh....and she stands by this bag as being 100% auth. and told me I can return it for a full refund....so we will see what NM says again.
  15. As many people have already urged, please post the auction link on the "authenticate this Chanel" so the gals can tell you whether or not it's real. I would not suggest taking the bag to an SA because they are not really qualified to authenticate handbags.

    The receipt may be useful because the SA's might be able to track down the purchase, but I'm not entirely sure about that either.

    Also, if the bag in the auction is indeed real, are you positive that you received the same bag from the *bay pictures? I'm not accusing the seller of anything, but nothing surprises me anymore. I guess we just have to see how this pans out...Please keep us posted.