im so upset beyond belief!! please.. any help!!

  1. Ok, So I know I brought this upon myself..

    But the other day I was called to referee a little boys soccer game, it began to rain and the dirt turned into mud, and the bad part is: I was wearing my UGGs.

    I dont know what to do?! they are still wet, so I left them to dry, they are stained, gross to touch.. Im practically crying just saying these things. What do i do? Can my UGGs be saved..
    *And I tried putting them on again, and they are so stiff and like shrunk so its tight. Im so angry and upset right now, you have no idea!
  2. oh honey. Sorry to hear this. I have attached a link to ugg customer services. I would send them an email and ask them the best way to sort this out, and find out if anything can be done :smile: Good luck
    UGG Boots USA, UGG USA
  3. ohh you're amazing!! thank you soo much!! I really appreciate the extra help
  4. Good luck, Chloe-babe. I hope you can fix them! Also check if your local cobbler can do anything. I once had a purse cleaned up and it came out great!