I'm so upset at the moment..

  1. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    Well, I was on the waitlist for the miroir lockit in BOTH colors. I was the FIRST in the whole country to put myself down. Apparently while I was out of the country, LV decided that the lockit must be paid or partial deposit in order to secure it. My SA only told me that TODAY.

    I'm totally UPSET. I wasnt in the country!!! SOB! Anyone know if I can get it in anywhere still?

  2. oh no! thats awful. is there no way you can get one now?
  3. yeah, isn't there anything they can do?
  4. No way.
    Apparently the stores in Singapore decided that we will have to pay/deposit it. Waitlist alone isnt going to get u the bag.
    My SA did say if they got extras that come in, she will give it to me first.. But what if there isnt...

    :sad: Anyone knows if their boutique still have any?
  5. Since you were first on the list and have a legit reason as to why you did not give payment, can't they honor your place on the waitlist? I would ask them to do that, I mean you were first, it is not like they need to figure out that you were 7th on the silver list and 4th on the gold list. I would ask them to honor your place on the list, it is worth a shot! Good luck!
  6. Well, my SA explained that as long as you din pay/deposit, they cant allocate it to you. ;/

    I tried. Sigh. It's always this way. From what I know, USA stores doesnt ask u to make deposit first. A waitlist is more than enough.
  7. Oh my sorry honey. That sucks. did you try to call 866 maybe they can help.
  8. Well, there are a few LV stores in Singapore, right? Can you try calling other stores?
  9. Maybe you could mention that since it was was an error on their part not yours they should be more accomadating to you, I mean it is their fault if they did not take the right info from you.
  10. oh no! they are awful....it's really THEIR fault for not informing you of the procedure. they should have made it clear and up front about it when you were placed on the wait list. can't you ask them if you were to pay now would they be able to secure you the #1 bag again?

    it's almost july 1st, so that means the USA ones will be released soon!
  11. oh no! good luck!
  12. Well, I asked if I need to place a deposit at the start, but apparently they told me nope. I'll try to call up tomorrow again. Sigh./
  13. I think that's totally unfair to you. You were out of the country, so how were you supposed to know?? Try talking to the manager, maybe?
  14. Awww i feel so sorry for you, hope you can locate one!

  15. Actually, in the US stores they take an imprint of your credit card when you waitlist for an item.