I'm so upset at Bluefly

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  1. I ordered a YSL capri bucket in pink from bluefly a few days ago, and they described it as a larger hobo with a larger dimensions (15''x13) than the bucket (12"x11'). As soon as I found out like 5 mins later, I wanted to cancel it, but then they wouldn't allow me to cancel. I said it's bluefly's mistake, I checked the original site and there is only one size. They said you can only return it, there is nothing they could do. I received it today and indeed it's the smaller size. The larger size described by them doesn't exist. The bag is kinda ugly, and a disappointment, so I returned it right away. Then I remembered there is no security tag on it. I called bluefly and they said too bad u just returned it, without the security tag, it might get sent back to me and caused further delay in refund. I said since it is Bluefly's mistake, can't they do anything to process the refund faster so that I won't have to pay interest on my visa on that stupid bag. All they say is that there is nothing they could do :cursing::cursing:. They said once you order, you cannot cancel

    I also got another chanel key case, and it looks used.:cursing:

    I'm so upset right now, I shouldn't order another bag when I know that I might have to pay interest on my visa for that. I know that bluefly offers discount but I don't like them anymore. I will stay away from bluefly and order from Nieman marcus instead!!!

    Sorry for the long rant, but I really need to rant. Net-a-porter and nieman marcus has much better service, so I won't buy from Bluefly!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. I also just read from another thread that Bluefly had sold fakes in the past. A few PFers bought Chloe paddies for 1200 and they found out they were fakes. Bluefly didn't even apologize to them. Terrible......beware of Bluefly!!!!
  3. you have to remember that bluefly is no neiman marcus! They are jobbers and take excess from neiman and others and sell it. None of their stuff is used per se, but it may have been handled in the store a bit, but usually, it all looks like new. And if you shop the neiman sales, they can be much better anyway right? ...that having been said, I got a great pair of quilted camillia quilted black chanel d'orday pumps in the mail today from bluefly!!

    As for the sizing, am VERY wary of that with them. They don't know what they are writing. Always go by the way the picture looks with the mannequin! It is a good idea of what to expect. If it LOOKS USED though, send it back! They wont charge you for shipping back if it is their error.

    I understand the need to rant tho...it is a pain bc now YOU have to keep track and follow up when it was never really what you wanted in the first place!!
  4. They sent me a used jacket that had pen stains all over sleeves, and a missing buckle.. That was my first and last purchase
  5. Call your credit card and dispute the card... you can tell them your story and you'll get your credit asap and the Bluefly can take all the time they want.
  6. really? I can dispute the transaction? thanks so much for the suggestion.:wtf:
  7. Yup... just tell your credit card what happened and mainly point out how Bluefly made numerous mistakes... the wrong description, not letting you cancel it, not including the tag etc...
  8. They sent me patent leather tribute instead of Tumbled leather as was described on their website. After I complained, they offered the full refund. However, I didn't trust them in getting my money back (if they had one mistake, what would prevent them from making another one), and decided to keep the bag. Fortunately, its YSL and I loved it even in patent.

    Of course, many discount websites have issues with their products, but you'd expect that the high-end carrier of the very high-priced inventory would be more careful.

    I expect that your CC company will advice you to contact the seller and follow the return policy. Even though it is a good idea to notify them about the issue, unless you happen to speak with one extremely sympathetic CSR, they are unlikely to credit your account while you have the goods. If that happens (and I really hope they will help you out, sweety), and you decide t ship the item back, please, make sure the shipment is trackable and you have a proof that they received the item back.

  9. Just return and call them to tell them it was not as described. They really are good at giving a fast refund. I return things there, maybe 3 times a year and they are very good about it. Try it first and if they balk or only give it back minus shipping, then contact your credit card. Give them a chance to fix it after the fact. Most sites will not let you change or cancel after ordering bc it is automated to the warehouse. So give the process a chance.

    I've not always liked my bluefly order, but have never had them give me hard time.
  10. Hope you get your bluefly dilemma resolved !!
    I've been lucky, I only ordered once from them, and it was ok.
  11. I'm sorry to hear this.
  12. I sent the item back yesterday already. Now just waiting for the delivery confirmation to prove that it has been delivered. Then I'll try to dispute it with the proof. Thanks for all of your help.
  13. Fashion, they are quite reasonable I find. Just be nice when you talk to them, and you generally will get what you want. I'll bet you get a credit before you know it! I have never had an issue with them and I've probably oredered 20 times from them, and returned 5 or 6 times. Never an issue.
  14. I've heard of people getting items from Bluefly that were not up to standards with a product in new condition. there were minor flaws in what they got but since they received them at a discount they ended up keeping them. Customers would return a product and without even doing an inspection Bluefly relisted the products back on its website. BF's CS isn't too great but then again you can't expect department store service from a place that sells overstocked merchandise at a discounted price.
  15. Any updates fashion?