I'm so torn.

  1. A week ago my husband and I found a puppy (about months old) in our neighborhood. She was running around with a collar and leash on. My friend and I went all around our town and put up fliers, posted ads online, and called all the shelters. We came up with NOTHING. She's a very lovable dog, playful, and house trained. I'm so torn about giving her away. I know we can't keep her because of our cats. The older one HATES the dog and the younger one is so scared of her that she won't even come out and plus having a puppy is VERY time consuming.
    I don't want to take her to a shelter at ALL not even a NO kill shelter. I want to find her a loving family. The question is. When I post ads on the computer and newspaper about her. How do I know that the family will give her a loving home?:crybaby:

  2. OMG she is sooo cute! I wish you lived closer! I would take her in a minute!

    But, to answer your question, Talk to the people, have the WHOLE FAMILY meet the puppy and ask lots of questions. Go with your gut! If you feel the family isnt right for the dog, dont let them have her.
    I had something horrible happen a while back, I didnt go with my gut, and the family SOLD the dog I gave to them! I only found out because the family they sold him to, posted lost ads all over when he ran away. I recognized the dog and called them to ask a few question(like, how the heck did they end up with him?). I had the worst feeling that the original people I gave him to were just...not right. But, I left him anyway! That is my #1 regret! Although, I do feel a little better because they sold him to a WONDERFUL family! But still, I should have never left him! The original people I gave him to better not ever come across me! I am still fuming! lol
    So, just go with your gut! Dont limit yourself to one family. Talk to multiple families and interview them. You will know who is right..you'll just know.

    I didnt mean to scare you with the horror story, but really, if you go with your gut feeling, everything will be fine!
  3. oh my gosh, she's gorgeous! But you've said in your post, you can't keep her because of your cats. you know the answer already... dont you? :smile:
  4. I cannot quite tell what kind of dog it is, but if I were in your position I would figure out what the breed is and call the local rescue for that particular breed. Explain your situation and I am sure they will take the dog into rescue.
  5. ^^ she looks mixed to me. Maybe a beagle mix?
  6. I would call a local rescue as well...they may have a foster that can take her in. Good luck! She's a cutie!
  7. Cute! Good luck!
  8. You've gotten some great advice- either interview or a rescue group. Valeen had some good tips re: interview. I agree- when you find the family or individual you will know. I always tend to think that animals pick their humans and you can just *see it* when the animal has chosen her family!
  9. If she had a collar, maybe she has a chip implanted?
  10. Thank you for all the great advice! We found her a great home! She has another little dog to play with at her new home!

    BTW. She didn't have a chip in her! :crybaby:
  11. ^congrats!! I am so happy for you and the pup!
  12. If you decide to interview for adoption here is a site I found helpful in designing my custom adoption application...

    Check out the Adobe Acrobat files at the bottom of the page.

    Good luck!