I'm so torn on pre-price increase purchase--

  1. I have been off the boards here for a while and only now saw that prices will be going up again in November. I was all set to get a crocodile bag for my fall/winter bag at next weeks EGC event. Now, I feel like a classic Chanel--perhaps a black flap, would be the better purchase.

    Crocodile is very hot this fall and forever and likely to increase in price. Black chanel flap--classic and increasing, too. Someone tip the scales for me!!
  2. If you are going to get them both eventually, I would get the more expensive one now.
  3. which crocodile bag are you considering?
  4. I am all for a nice plain black flap over animal skin any day. I'm not against it or anything, I just like the classics much better.
  5. That is a tough one because they are two completely different bags!! Which bag is keeping you up at night? Get that one!!
  6. ^lol. the croc bag would keep me up at night. i'm a huge chanel addict but there's nothing like exotic skin to keep me excited.
  7. Leem, that's a very yummy fab croco bag!!!
    Why don't you get both if you can??
  8. OMG...the croc bag is TDF. My vote is for that!
  9. Like the croc bag, it's gorgeous!
  10. I think I would have to have the croc-then put ur EGC toward the flap!!!!
  11. ^^ ITA:yes:
  12. do the more expensive one now than get the classic later
  13. Sounds like you need some enabling :graucho:...so I'm going to say get both if you can! The croc is amazing and the classic flap is timeless. May as well get both since prices will only go UP UP UP.
  14. Go with the croc first. You can always get the classic chanel flap anytime.