I'm so tired of choosing...can you guys do it for me? :)


Which everyday bag?

  1. Saleya MM in Damier

  2. SO Cabas Piano in Damier

  3. SO Cabas Mezzo in Damier

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  1. I'm so tired of trying to make a decision that I almost don't want to anymore:cursing:...so can you guys give me a hand? These are the final 3 I've narrowed it down to...and I am DEFINITELY getting one of these! I want a bag for everyday use, in all kinds of weather, something I can take all over the world because I travel a lot. What do you guys think? So here are the finalists:

    -Saleya MM in Damier
    -SO Cabas Piano in Damier
    -SO Cabas Mezzo in Damier

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  2. How about a hampstead?
  3. Saleya PM! :3

    I get put off by SO items cos of the wait LOL
  4. I would say go with the salayea. SO's take a long time, this way you don't have to wait so long!
  5. I think the Piano would be too small for you if you plan on using it for travel. I was torn between the Saleya MM and the Cabas Mezzo but I chose the Mezzo because the flat straps seem much better for a bag like this.

    I was also trying to decide between Saleya/SO Damier Cabas before, and i've narrowed it down to the Saleya, because I don't want to see the leather bottom all scratched up, but I like both :smile: Good luck with your decision!
  6. I would go with the saleya. I have it in azur and love it.
  7. I'd go with the Mezzo. I use mine all the time when I'm traveling. :yes:
  8. I'd get the Damier Saleya MM. :tup:

    I was playing with this bag at my store and fell in love with it.
  9. Ok, guys, thanks for all your help...and just so you all know, I AM OFFICIALLY GETTING THE DAMIER SALEYA MM!!!!!! It hit me today that that was the right thing to do...I kept asking all my friends which bag I should get until one of them finally said, Why are you asking us? Only YOU can possibly know what you like...and when I was at the store, I LOVED THE SALEYA! I'll post pics when I get it! (I also got a matching wallet, hurray!):yahoo:
  10. GOOD!! cos im gonna choose the seleya too..
  11. I think you should get the Saleya MM. I couldn't bare waiting all that time!!! Although the Damier Cabas Mezzo DOES sound soooo tempting!

  12. I know! I completely agree! :drool:But I did NOT want to wait that long...and I did find one on eBay, but the seller seems not so nice...so I gave up on her...oh well!
  13. saleya MM damier
  14. cabas mezzo lol i love mine !!:p:p
  15. I was going to say the Saleya MM. Good choice!!